9 comments on “Ready to move on: The Miss World Philippines 2018 Titleholders

  1. Si Katarina ang talagang world class ang physical attributes and aura sa kanilang apat. Such a shame na napabayaan siya nina Arnold Vegafria and company which led to her most undeserved fall from grace thus breaking the country’s placement streak in the Miss World cooking show.

  2. In less than two weeks from now, the reigning titleholders of Miss World Philippines 2019 will crown their successors along with the addition of at least two (2) new titles at stake.

    Spot the error: MWP2019 daw will crown their successors. Kung 2019 ngayon, 2020 ang successors, pero next year pa ang 2020. How about MWP2018, kanino nila ipapasa ang mga crowns nila.

    Madam blogger, mali na naman ang year.

  3. Tito Norman, yung bang mananalo ngayon sa Miss Eco Philippines 2019 or 2020?

    Cynthia Tomalla —– Miss Eco Philippines 2017 — Winner, Miss Eco International 2018
    Maureen Montagne —- Miss Eco Philippines 2018 — First Runner-up, Miss Eco International 2019
    Miss Eco Philippines 2019 —

      • Nakakalito ang info mo Madam Blogger particularly yung year. 2018 ba or 2019 or for 2020 which is next year. Di ba ang magsasalin on Sept. 2019 finals ay winners ng 2018?

      • Apologies for the confusion, Adrienne. It should read as the reigning titleholders in the ongoing Miss World Philippines 2019 competition which point to the ones who will crown their successors on Coronation Night this coming September 15.

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