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  1. sayang yung dating binibini named hanna ledesma. sana siya yung naging representative natin. i love her feature and potential

  2. Question : IF Gazini wins, will she be able to make for MUO the kind of money Cat is bringing in now? And do so while charming the currently relatively scant USA pageant market so that it ACTUALLY GROWS (AGAIN)?

    If yes, her chances will be good. Third re-hosting and B2B home court politics be d_mned. 🙂

    If no, then I’m entertaining Ireland, South Africa, and Brazil, with Thailand and Indonesia to a lesser extent.

    There are a few more facially stunning candidates to crop up (or have, recently). But the (same) question applies to all.

    Venezuela’s Thalia Olvino looks like Keysi Sayago crossed with Minorka Mercado. Neither here nor there. Dapat nagluto na lang ang Organicacion MV! (sigh)

    • I’m more worried about her Palestinian ancestry which is a double-edged sword… Remember, most of IMG owners are Jewish hence we know which side of the Israeli-Palestinian war they are in favor… Last time a front-runner had a father from a war torn country(Syria), she got the El Tocuyo award.

      • @ Closer2Fame It’s not her fault that she’s what she is. SILLY if IMG bosses think that waylaying women like her will change anything. Don’t forget – Gazini comes from a country fiercely loyal to their brand and continues to give them steady business. JM would “kill” to have Filipinos follow MW with the same devotion.

        We are not their enemy. We are neither Palestine nor Syria. In fact, we lost gallant men to Islamic extremist/separatist thugs! Their Diplomatic Service helps us in intelligence gathering.

        One thing is sure. If our placement streak is broken now, AFTER Catriona earned them enough money to risk crowning an insipid candidate this time with little to lose for their organization, then the erosion of MU in Philippines will have begun. Their call.

        Sorry for my error. Fourth (4) hosting, if ever.

        Even just a placement. Singapore has ever only managed one, and that was when they hosted. Nobody outside the Straight of Malacca complained. Their bet was actually very friendly. And Pebbles Asis went further than her. 🙂

      • @C2F, exactly my thoughts. Talk about her Palestinian lineage can’t be avoided. While this can be the locus of interest in her, I hope the spin on her back story is more on unconditional love and forgiveness to her father who she yearns to see and who may not know she ever existed. She should be able to deflect the issue away from politics, but keep it on the personal human side. After all, we are all God’s children. God does not play politics.

      • @Flor

        Remember, even the strong Miss USA, Rima Fakih(Lebanese ancestry) clapped big time during her MU stint. Giving Gazini a Top 5 slot would highlight the issue in Palestine and so far, majority of countries connected w/ geo-political related war issues usually claps at MU. Well, except those who are staunch allies of the US like our country which gives Gazini a 50/50 chance of making it in the final 5.

    • @Flor Thule, your observation about the “relatively scant USA pageant market” not far from the truth. Interest in beauty pageants has long been fading in countries where there is more economic freedom afforded to women. Just note the quality of reps First World countries send– very few charismatic or credentialed candidates– reflective of the small pool of interested aspirants to choose from. A lot of times, the reps are immigrants to those countries, not native borns. That’s why beauty pageants have been trying to reinvent themselves– rebrand, embrace an advocacy to stay relevant, or to go to growing Asian economies where the interest is still very high.

      If you’re implying that Gaz can win to prep up the market in USA or elsewhere, on what grounds? You may have some insights.

      • @ scorg Come to think of it, Europe (Netherlands and Germany, I think) just crowned biracial reps.

        My ground? She’s FUN, non-cerebral, therefore relatable. Like Pia and Cat. FUN SELLS.

        Let’s agree that really our ONLY issue with her is her eloquence and articulation. Fun does not mean clueless or incoherent. But she’s all good, otherwise.

      • @Flor, yes fun sells, but to the millions of MU followers in the cyberspace. But eloquence, not fun, sell to corporate sponsors and institutional partners. Nonetheless, she should just be herself to win the crown. She happens to have the Palestinian genes but she is a child of the universe– oblivious to any political divide. Let the sash factor work for her, and the millions of adoring fans! After all, MU is all about women empowerment, especially for those in the social periphery.

    • Make money? You guys need to be careful about the term making money. MUO is a non-profit organization so it is not supposed to make money.

      • MUO is not a non-profit organization. Neither is it a foundation It does not even qualify as a charitable organization, but it has a list of “charitable alliances”. It simply is a business under the WME/ IMG Group whose mission is to “promote women empowerment”.

      • @ 4M ‘Pag sinabi ba’ng “non-profit”, tax-exempt? Also, you can register your group with the SEC(?) as such, but it does not mean you cannot collect or receive money, and Invoices are filed and an annual financial audit is undertaken and formally reported to said government agency? So, they still make money at the very least for operational expenses? Am I right?

        I recall Paula Shugart saying in an interview (in YouTube) that “the folks at Endeavor” telling them (her group and herself) that “you have a great brand (MU), here. What are you going to do with it”?

        In any case, NOTHING HAPPENS WITHOUT MONEY and at the very least they need to pay rent for their NYC office, I suppose. One thing could be certain : Endeavor and IMG is giving them neither allowance nor budget.

  3. This guy needs to slow down the cunnilingus with famous foreign ladies and worry more about prosecuting Erap for the plundered billions. Catrinona is about as Filipino as Martha Stewart..
    Let’s see some real change that lasts more than a news cycle and less about stupid stuff there’s no budget for your dumb daily ideas like solar panels on school roofs..
    Guy’s like a walking Twitter feed who retweets anything that sounds good..
    Cleared one sidewalk yet, isko?

    • FYI, it is Gazini who chose the Hospicio de San Jose which is an institution owned by the City of a manila as the beneficiary of her Charitable works… I believe it is just fair for the mayor to show his gratitude in return by cooperating w/ Gazini in providing good publicity for everyone involved. The Manila Mayor is not only doing his best to fix Manila but his exposure on social media allows him to be a great inspiration for his followers to do the same. I prefer this guy than the other mayors who chose finger-pointing and doing the blame game instead of implimenting real solutions to the problem.

  4. Payo ko lang ka inday Gazini.. pls pls magbasa, manood ng previous pageants. Si Olivia Culpo ay hindi galing Colombia inday. Buti sana kung 2 decades ago si Olivia nananlo eh 2012 pa lang eh. At alam ng mga fans lalo na pinoy na si Olivia lang naman ang tumalo kay Janine. grabe naman yan teh

    • Oh my Gosh, Have you heard yung sagot nya kay Mayor Isko? “Manhattan Araneta or cubao ba yun? sus i do not know kung may utak ba sya? It seems lahat ng sinasagot nya memorized?…. Halos wala syang interaction kasi wala syang masabi at all…. I doubt talaga kung makakapasok toh even in the top 20?

  5. Good for her and to those who keep on using Catriona as the measurement stick for future MUP are doing the winners a disservice. We need to stop comparing one girl to another. They are all unique and different and they are competing in different editions. The fact that Catriona won does not mean another win if you choose a Catriona 2.0.

  6. How OLD is Gazini?

    She looks 30 in these photos. Gazini looks old in candids, yan ang napansin ko. Pero pag sa glam shots mukha syang 24-25.

    Parang masbata pa itsura ni Catriona, Rachel, Maxine and Pia sa kanya.

    Meztisa version ni Parul Shah.


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