4 comments on “Miss World Philippines 2019 Sports Challenge

  1. Above first picture shows how short candidates try to look tall by standing (both feet) on tiptoe position.

  2. Assuming the obvious MWP pattern of crowning the pre-pageant heavy favorite I really hope Michelle does really well at MW.

    Arnold V, chairman of MWP, is her manager. However, this unfortunately takes the suspense of who will be the 2019 rep for MW but only “adds” to the non-credible reputation that already plagues MWP and MW.

    Since Julia M. proclaimed that MW is no longer a beauty contest then how can Michelle Dee “not” be a front runner?

    A bad showing, to a country now rich in Miss Universe and Miss International winners, may increase the distaste Filipino pageant fans already have against anything affiliated with Julia Morely and her pageant that cures insomnia.

    Win a 2nd crown Michelle. You have the goods for the MW title.

  3. Wow, Michelle Dee truly has a body of an athlete; broad shoulders, long arms, large hands and calves of a runner/jogger.

    Brauns and beauty is Michelle Dee.

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