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  1. Why don’t you give her the floor to explain her side ?
    She may have a valid reason for not completing her reign .

  2. If it’s true that she has a bad arritude, then joining another pageant like BBP is not for her. Just like what Pia W. said in her answer about Ms. Universe (or in other beauty pageant) it’s an honor and a RESPONSIBILITY. It she has a problem handling a responsibility, then how could she be entrusted even if she’s facially and physically deserving to win the crown?

    • ***attitude instead of: arritude
      ***If she has a problem instead of: It she has a problem

  3. Representing the Filipino community of Los Angeles, of Italy, of blah blah blah.
    She’s one of those pageant girls who did that.
    I do not like that practice in Philippine pageantry, I’m glad Bb. Pilipinas doesn’t either.
    She and her kind are only taking advantage of the strong sash factor of the Philippines.

    • @ Raf Yep. BPCI requires residency. But still, it did no favors for Hannah Arnold and Nicole Guerrero.

      MWP requires no residency (?), yet Kimi Mugford and Maureen Montaigne turned in good results.

      Mutya plays safe by handing out the separate and non-competitive “Overseas Communities” sash.

      Uga-ugali, rin. Different folks, different strokes.


  4. Her communication skills is so bad ala Janina San Miguel, nagkalat siya sa Miss Earth. I think she will not win plus her attitude is not so good.

  5. Well, she appears.. then disappears.. then “reappears?”

    If you ask me, should she be unsuccessful in her quest for a BbP 2020 title she can always pursue a career as a “magician.”

    Beautiful? Yes
    Integrity? No

    Sorry folks!

  6. How many beauty title aspirants whose dreams were dashed when someone else won? It is adding insult to injury when the winner takes the crown for granted. I feel for those who invested so much time, energy and money, especially the native-born Filipinos, who took a shot at their dream crown only to go home empty-handed. When someone from the privileged European-born-and-raised class won and takes the responsibility of winning lightly and without seriousness, I see it as rubbing salt to an inflicted wound on our nationalistic sensibility.

    • Amen scorg.

      Year in and year out there are too many beautiful Filipina women pursuing crowns that balance the trifacto attributes of beauty-character-integrity to support and root for.

      This one already leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Nonetheless, all the best to Miss Philippines Earth 2018 in her pursuit for a BbP 2020 title.

      For me, it is 👎🏽👎🏽

  7. Sumali na Lang sya sa mwp ni Arnold. Expert naman si Arnold mag handle ng may strong attitude. Wag na nya pasakitin ulo ng mga grandmama sa bbp.. Haligi na ng pageantry mga yun. Or sumali sya bbp at pasakitin bangs ni angkol mgip 2020

  8. She should not join Bb. What she did will haunt her. No organization would like to face that given that there are soooo many other options available. Better for her to join the modelling world where the physical appearance is only required.

  9. perhaps she can get the Miss Italy title in 2020 and ends up being the very first Miss Italy to win the Miss Universe crown … that would be remarkable !!!

  10. Just like any business, pageantry needs professionalism to advance its causes and achieve its goals. She owes the public an explanation why she did not show up to fulfill her duties and crown her successor. Suddenly appearing in an event after the unceremonious absence in the crowning event of her successor will make cynics cry “no delicadeza”. Filipinos adore beauty but she has to realize that Filipinos in the Philippines also value good character and right conduct. For her own sake and future in pageantry or modeling business, she has to shake off this gnawing image of unprofessionalism.

  11. She was able to appear to an event like this and yet didn’t fulfill her reign as Miss Earth! What a shame!

    She’s not only beautiful but really gorgeous! But it’s still a red flag for pageant organizers!

    Catriona was given a go signal by Cory Quirino to join Binibini when she lose at Miss World but she refused. She fulfill her duties and responsibilities before joining another pageant!

    Kylie stay dedicated to her advocacy during her reign as Miss International and finished all her obligation before jumping into showbusiness!

    That’s how you create a name as a beauty queen!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson ….maybe Celeste needed to be pragmatic/realistic.

      Like that recently-dethroned Aliwan titlist….

      DON’T BE TOO HASTY TO PASS JUDGMENT. We don’t know what they have been through.

  12. Is she from South Italy? I saw a news video that discussed scant employment opportunities for young citizens there. Maybe she thought winning MPE would give her breaks here. She did say before (here in the blog) that she would stay on in the country (only) if “there were opportunities”.

    Does MPE title come with a cash prize? Maybe use that to start a business…. Coffee shop (in Siargao) like Rachel Peters? Ital-‘noy Denver Hernandez took work as a life insurance agent.

    Assuming she makes the Bb Cut, she would make a splendid successor to Paulina Ashley Crawford. Angkol would absolutely ADORE her Venusian beauty! And imagine that we won in Caracas, effectively saddling Celeste up for back-to-back duty. And she ALSO wins! And Ms. Cortesi spends a full year traipsing around with him. And he befriends her so well that he finances her future endeavors. And she can then marry her Italian fiance. Angkol would be at the wedding. Blogger Tinio would cover the event….. 🙂

    Back to 2020.

    Kathleen Paton might be the one to spoil Alaiza Malinao’s MUP goals. Unless the former goes MI. Personally, I prefer the latter for the Polish campaign. If Rae Bae gets into the Top 5 this year (together with Puteri Fitriani), Celeste will be pressured to win our second Supranational crown. Her Italian passport will be favorable for Gerhardt’s objectives/plans. I think Namibia will get it this time.

    • Indeed, she has ALL the physical attributes to make it big in pageantry. She conquered the national stage of Miss Earth Philippines but unfortunately failed in international arena. Her failure is due to her wrong timing! Knowing that the organization had already received a lot of bashings and destructive criticisms for our county’s back-to-back win, it was highly impossible for her to bag the ultimate crown of Miss Earth. Instead, she could have joined other big pageants such as BBP or MWP. She failed to act with grace and composure like a real queen. Being crowned as Miss Earth Philippines is such a prestigious title and her name is already written in the historical records of Philippine pageantry. She messed up her name and all the beautiful opportunities that might come her way. In Philippines, I guess her journey is over!

  13. I don’t think she should be joinning anymore pageants that is for sure.

  14. She should try to have a good attitude first. If rumors are true she is difficult to work with. Good girls go a long way as they say 😊

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