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  1. A good looking rocket scientist with a Master’s degree in Business. If the choice for a Mr World is to provide a clue to who will be a winnable MW rep, who will she be? A model? A showbiz personality? A career woman? A Nursing or Pharmacy Board topnotcher? A top student? Who will be a more credible spokesperson for MW’s global charities? Who will be a more effective promoter of MW causes to potential corporate sponsors? Who will be a more compelling image model for MW both in the red carpet and in the murky little corners of slum dwellers? Who will be a more inspirational persona to the millions of young minds the world over? I hope the judges will make an objective choice and live up to the country’s image as a global pageant powerhouse.

      • @Flor, she can be anyone among the 40, especially if she highlights her sterling credentials as her differential advantage. Physical beauty alone in a sea of goddesses of all archetypes, and in the absence of a universal standard, can hardly be a differentiating factor. It is what radiates from within– the intelligent ideas, the social compassion reflected in her BWAP advocacy, the friendly demeanor.

      • @Flor: if I may add, the most compelling differentiating point is solid evidence of an accomplishment as a young woman. I believe this is a very powerful selling point for anyone applying for the job of MW Spokesperson.

      • @ scorg Fred Cull comes to mind. Too bad she joined MU,instead. (Hihihihh…) 🙂

  2. I hope sumali si Sam lo sa mwp after her bbp reign. She can be a mwp or a reina hispanico

  3. Notwithstanding the hype on showbiz personalities in this pageant, I have the hunch that some candidates who are board topnotchers in their respective fields may pull a surprise. Note that MW is one pageant where the search is not fixated on physical beauty alone, but also on the cerebral and character dimensions of beauty. While it is good to send fashion models and media personalities to the MW derby, I think we stand a better chance of winning if our representative is backed by sterling credentials that bespeak about one’s intelligence, hard work, perseverance, compassion, and ambition.

  4. It’s not that exciting because we already know the winner/s… I can’t even think of a divine intervention that would prevent Michele Marquez Dee from winning Miss World Philippines… I’m more excited about Miss World in London.. because I want to see if Julia Morely would even dare waste this smart sophisticated and well-loved beauty.

  5. what a waste of time for this girls to join in this pageant… but hey.. it’s free tour… just pray it wont be held in the Philippines para naman maka tour sa ibang bansa

  6. Tabi-tabi po. Bakit parang walag interes ang publiko sa MWP? Ako man di na-eexcite. Parang kasing alam na agad ang mananalo.

  7. A top 40 finish in 2017, and an embarrassingly shocking non-placement in 2018, Arnold V’s MWP is going the wrong direction.

    Whomever is crowned MWP 2019 hopefully will reverse the trend at MW.

    Arnold V’s client Michelle Dee is the odds-on favorite this year. Another non-placement year would spell trouble to a franchise that desperately needs a shot of credibility.

  8. I will choose de leon over glyssa not becoz she tripped during presentation. Idk pero looks like a runner up material again this year just like Samantha bernardo. And i will give the teen eco for de leon. She still look likes a teen.

  9. Kung sino man daw ang mananalo sa patimpalak lalo na sa Reina Hispanoamericana Philippines 2019 huwag daw mag-alala dahil ayon sa bolang kristal ng kapitbahay namin sigurado po na mananalo siya. Kaya ngayon pa lang mapanatag na tayo.

  10. One of the winners will be a teen for the teen eco title and I chose Vanessa-Mae Walters

  11. Kulang sa height mga ms world ph candidates. I will go for a lady who is totoong 5’7above

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