6 comments on “Nicole Borromeo stripped of her title; a new Reyna ng Aliwan 2019 is crowned

  1. Are they that thirsty for a crown that they can’t wait to finish their reign before joining another pageant?

    It’s a red flag for pageant organizer!

    If I were a pageant organizer, I will ask the candidate the following daring question before I can accept them, regardless, if they look like a living Barbie Doll,

    Do you have prior committment that will interfere with your reign with us if you win the title?
    Did you sign any contract that prevents you from joining another beauty pageant within a specified period of time?
    Do you know the advocacy of this organization?
    How committed are you to the advocacy of this organization?

  2. Tito Norman, bakit hindi ang First Runner – up Aubrhie Cindyrelle Carpio (Bulacan) ang pumalit sa nanalo? Hindi ba tatlo ang nanalong Second Runners – up,Leandrea Batingan ( Bulacan), Alayyza Izzabelle Tolimao ( South Cotabato ), at Roi Neve Comanda ( Baguio ), papaano pinili ang pumalit?

    • Aubhrie is committed to Miss Millennial Philippines 2019 as well. Among the 2nd Runners-Up, Neeve was the most ready to take over. Leandrea just won an international competition in Malaysia. Alayzza was also considered. But Neeve was picked by the Aliwan Fiesta Organizers as the more qualified to replace.

      • Can’t these girls just step down to be replaced instead of being :stripped” of her title?!

      • I reckon that the people around her might have chosen to play everything by ear, while pushing their luck in the process.

      • Reyna ng Aliwan might not be as rewarding as Millennial Philippines in the long run so the risk was worth it. Well, LIFE IS (also) CHOICE.

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