12 comments on “normannorman.com’s Mr World 2019 Predictions

  1. We should send the smart well-rounded well traveled multi-lingual Clint Bondad next year.. his German-Igorot-Spanish mixed features would surely be a hit anywhere the pageant would be held… He is the total package who could win Mr. World!

  2. Mr. Philippines will just be in the top 10, top 5 if he is very lucky. For me, Mr. Lebanon is the winner of Mr. World 2019.

  3. Dominican Republic could possibly be the Dark horse who would replace 1 of the Top 5

  4. It is such a bad move to have Mr and Miss World Philippines happen at the same time. I bet that Lola Julia was just trying to cut cost of travel etc that’s why they overlapped both.

    Until now, we haven’t heard of any new things about MWP and the finals is like 2 weeks away!!!

    • @ 4M Betcha by golly WOW, the MWP contestants will be at the SMART dome tonight.

      It will be deja vu for Sammie Anne and Kayesha.

      Young, Montaigne, and Rodriguez will host. Will Cena work (the) court side, Blogger Man?

  5. It’s a shame the pageant hasn’t been given enough publicity.
    Good luck to all the candidates.

    • @Raf Are you kidding? Wala ka’ng TV, no? 🙂

      Ang Yves Campos, binigyan ni Blogger ng solo post, wala’ng nag-comment. ‘Yun ang “praetermissus” (overlooked).

      Minor pageants na sumasabay sa majors, BAD decision.

  6. Carlos Franco of Brazil should be conferred the honorary Ambassadorship-at-Large for Fundacion Tuloy.

    Fun fact : Jack Heslewood competed at another pageant last year. I don’t think he placed. But we did, courtesy of Jeff Langan (also featured in this blog before).

    Alas! Seems Jakub Krauz might not be able to even match his 2015 Manila performance. Hope co-alum Freds Rivera will do better in Thailand next month. Ricky Gumera represents.

  7. Possible scenario for me is:

    4th RUp- Brazil
    3rd RUp-Philippines
    2nd RUp- South Africa
    1st RUp- Mexico

    Winner- England

    Unless Philippines would nail the Q&A then he could possibly win 1st RUp…

    • @Closer2Fame That would be like saying JB Saliba is as good as Andrew Wolff. Really, now…

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