30 comments on “Tall Dabawenya and Zamboangueña beauties top Mutya Pilipinas 2019

  1. Madame Cory Quirino has Midas Touch…look what she achieved in Miss World Phils…Gwendolyn was 1st R Up in Miss World…Megan Young won in 2013. MISS CORY can transform MUTYA PILIPINAS…

      • give Cory a break…MWP is way better when she is in charged …ALV’s winners can’t even penetrate the top 10 in MW

      • @ tinay With all due respects to ALV, I believe Mdme. Cory’s success with MWP really cannot be attributed to her exclusively. I will no longer enumerate the reasons, lest another maelstrom is unleashed.

        In any case, Mutya organization now looks like Carousel, with just its homegrown title – MAPI – as its only true prize. A STAND-ALONE brand. Let’s face it. This World Top Model franchise seems iffy.

        Should they focus on strengthening MAPI globally? Or, acquire more franchises for a multi-title paradigm like BBP and MWP? Consider also that the stand-alone MUP is looming. And that JUST MAYBE JM will be more “kind” to our country next time if MWP itself becomes stand-alone.

        Addendum : RH Filipinas might be better off in SMA’s hands. Unless she’ll be retiring soon.


  2. What happened to the overhyped Jiggy Kristy Ang? wala man lamg sa top 16?

  3. Thumbs up 👍👍 to the girl in green gown for wearing regular heels instead of those tacky chunky platforms 🙄

  4. kung isa lang ang sumali from overseas, assured na kaagad siya ng title! porket overseas may special treatment? ilan ba ang from overseas? di hamak naman na mas marami pa ang from luzon or visayas.. dapat meron ding mutya pilipinas local communities or luzon, visayas, mindanao…mutya shoud drop the overseas communities title to be fair!

    • Andrea Fe Gomez? We were also surprised in the audience that she failed to enter the Top 6. I could have easily pegged her for the Miss Tourism International plum. It must be the lack of energy last night. Or it could be that she was already extra confident of taking her bid all the way to the top. At any rate, she deserved to be in the winning circle on the merits of facial beauty alone. Add to that her more than decent communication skills.

    • oo nga…ang ganda ng mukha nya para hindi makakuha ng crown….saan kaya sya nagkulang ? kala ko kc sureball winner na si girl

  5. To be honest parang i dont care who ever wins the top prize this year. What i am expected is mapunta kay april ang world top model philippines which is more fit to her and according to her yan talaga target nya. Glad that she did her best to clinched that dream crown. But i am expecting more and more best for her on December for her competin WTM. Styling and gown on point. Medyo more training pa sa lakad. Pang model talaga lakad nya and not for a beauty pageant.

  6. I’m not a fan of Klyza’s beauty . Her nose is ~~ and her dimples are more distracting than anything .

  7. I hope Tyra Goldman joins Binibini
    She is so pretty
    As for April Short , she needs to work out and do something abt that smile . I’m sure she’ll have fun in Monaco . That city is uber gorgeous .

  8. Lots of beautiful faces
    With more training , they can join BP and win big time

  9. Na tsika Lang sa akin mga matangkad Lang daw nanalo. Yun betsina kasi nung kakilala ko maganda na maliit. I beg to disagree sa beauty contest kailangan nag excel in all places ang bbp. Even bbp are crowning 5’7 above ladies so importante din ang matangkad dahil natatago ng taas Yun flaws ng Kandidata. Lahat ng nanalo sa mutya may k at pinaghirapan nila yan

  10. I hope April will place in mutya pilipinas top model. I find her sporting spunk during bbp. May you join bbp again and bag ms supra one day

  11. WOW, I thought no one came close to the charm and intelligence of Klyza Castro. What an amazing lady at 19 y/o. She is full with confidence and eloquence; a statuesque to boot.

  12. All beautiful!😍

    Congratulations to y’all. As for the dropping of “ng” from Mutya ng Pilipinas, i find it superficial if not unnecessary and an affront to our national language for the sake of following the femina india and puteri indonesia, which also makes it a voluntary downgrade at this point.

  13. Congratulations to all the winners and runners-up. All deserving, I’m sure.

    But notwithstanding is the beautiful Ms. Cory Quirino! She looks “fabulous” in her elegant purple gown.

    May all former Filipina title holders look that good when in their 70’s too!


  14. good luck to all, the Payumo girl looks good but those chunky shoes have to go ….

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