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  1. OMG stop flocking to the Philippines. there are so many other countries to choose from… Why not Colombia or Canada?

  2. im okay with it as long as ma maximize at ma promote ang ganda ng Pilipinas and maibabalik ang ginastos ng mga gagastos. but if the government will be the one shouldering it, it’s a no for me muna. mahirap ngayon. kahit ayaw ng presidente ng corrupt, nasa bakuran niya, meron pa ring corrupt.

    anyway, Gazini will win if it’s really her destiny. keber kung sa Pinas or sa iba gagawin ang pageant. if it’s for her, she’ll win. but then again, for me, i believe medyo hindi pa mangyayari ang back-to-back. might as well do the pageant here para naman todo suporta kay gazini. hehe

    but if she wins, well then, congrats. yun lang. issue nanaman. kesyo paconsuelo. pero deadma! As long as evident naman tlaga na deserving siya manalo. then go.

    pero feeling ko.. Thailand has a big chance of winning. Indo – not so sure. she can speak but patagal ng patagal.. di ko nagugustuhan ang look niya. USA not sure also. strong resume but beauty wise, nakukulangan ako sa spark.

    Mexico – iba ang dating sakin. so.. let’s see. baka naman parang may mga attitude din ang iba kagaya ng Colombia last year. lol

  3. It’s just simple business economics. Is there any country in the world today that has a private sector willing to risk its investment money in a heavily cash-intensive event where returns are uncertain? Only the Philippines is pageant- crazed enough to assure tremendous ticket sales, favorable cooperation from the image-conscious government, and reassuring support from the advertising dollars of private companies. No First World country will ever host an MU crowning event simply because its local demand is nonexistent. Why is interest in beauty pageants very low in these economic powerhouses? A scholarly study conducted recently has the answer: the motivation to join beauty contests for social and economic status and international recognition is less in countries where more economic opportunities are available to women.

    • If the ability and readiness to host the event is a criterion for selecting the winner, as some conspiracy theorists float around, that gutter politics is still subsumable under the economics of beauty contest.

  4. Wala nang ibang may gusto kundi ang Pilipinas. Kung gusto nilang makatipid, bakit hindi gaganapin sa Amerika. Wala na yatang pera kaya dito na lang sa Pilipinas ang gusto nila. Kaya pati pagbiyabiyahe ang kasalukuyang nagwagi wala nang panggastos. Mahirap tanggapin pero hanggang palamuti na lamang si Reyna.

  5. Thailand crowned Philippines in 2018. Philippines will crown Thailand in 2019. #Yuhoo

      • I hope not too… USA has not gotten a b2b but Venezuela did it. If Venezuela made it before USA, then why not Philippines which is zooming up in pageantry while Venezuela is fast declining; go Gaz go !!!

  6. @ just saying There is strictly speaking no “neutral” country. Perhaps impartial judging, yes. Unless you had in mind a “weak sash” country. But that would not be feasible for a cash-needy MU organization; they must be willing to make a “cash advance” first.

    @ Jun Marami’ng bansa’ng puwede mag-host? Then, why us again? Why not good old India, where national pageantry is robust and considered a ticket to Bollywood?

    Supranational organization is pushing into the Far East – Bangkok, Jakarta, Hanoi.

    World has China. International, Eco-International, Globe, and Earth were prudent to stay put.

    If I were MU organization, I would INVEST EVEN AT SOME LOSS NOW in fostering ties with countries that are emerging pageant fanatics such as Myanmar, Indonesia, and South Africa. Develop FUTURE business with countries eager to please/impress. Their business plan seems short-term. 😦

      • @ Padede Boy Well, then they should reconsider their rates if there are no takers.

        If they insist on staying on the high-end, then it is inevitable they will only get business from a select/core group of loyal clients (which includes US).

        And if that will be the case, I (meaning, US) expect some pampering from them. Just plain business.

  7. Wag n, gastos lang yan. OK n yung South Korea. Ang dami nmang bansang puwedeng mag host. Wag n sa Pilipinas. Walang pag-asa sa Back 2 back kung s pinas yan. Parang Maxime Medina lang yan.

  8. Well, if so in my opinion, would eliminate Gazzini’s title hopes for b2b MU crowns for the Philippines.

    Bummer! From a fan’s perspective the element of suspense is thrown out the door.

    It would not be so would the pageant be held at a neutral site, sorry.

  9. That settles that.

    Here’s my First Pick.

    Top 10 – Philippines, Thailand, USA, Mexico, a “weak sash country”, Top 5 (Question Round) Colombia, Brazil, Indonesia, Ireland, & South Africa.

    I’m feeling…. Indonesia will NOT win, yet.

    I doubt WME-IMG will be interested in semi-American white chicks like Puerto Rico or Albania.

      • Colombia is not a threat… Her Spanish oratory skills are not at par w/ Paulina… How much more with her English… It’s between Thailand and Brazil, based on speaking skills… Thailand may be more fluent in English but Brazil can speak English and Spanish aside from Portuguese. Philippines’ edge is her pageantry skills.. her Physical beauty, pasarela and modeling skills alone could land her in the Top 5.

  10. Ikaw madam blogger, what’s your answer to your own question “Will the next Miss Universe take place at the Phil. Arena in January, 2020? It’s just a YES or NO. Explanation not needed!

  11. hopefully , it will be in a place that favors Gaz without looking like it is rigged…. Los Angeles please!

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