7 comments on “Rohit Khandelwal: One of the longest Mr World reigns so far

  1. How well the reception to the new Mister World will impact on the Miss World organization, too. After all, he will serve as the new Miss World’s consort for the next year or two. I still recall Rohit’s first visit to the country at PGH, with the then Spanish queen, Mireia Llalaguna. Then MWP Catriona Gray joined them at another function. But apart from travels to visit MW-supported charities, I felt little else from him. A good thing he hails from a country that has local pageantry robust enough to keep him visible. And I really don’t think pageant fans outside the Subcontinent cared.

    Since MUO organization is clearly looking to the Far East lately, JM will probably pick up from they left and continue fortifying her brand in the Americas, and Latin America in particular. In this regard, Spain’s Achilles heel in English will not be a problem. Other good options are charismatic Brazil and the photogenic Mexican (Vanessa Ponce surely would not mind). 🙂

    A no-brainer win would be the versatile Englishman (Top 6 of his team and Top 5 in the Sports and Talent Fast Track, respectively). And the strong British passport does not hurt.

    What do they have in common? They made the Top 25 of the Top Model Fast Track. PHYSIQUE IS STILL THE WEIGHTIEST PARAMETER IN MALE TILTS. And of the four, Spain has the best proportions.

    I want SINGAPORE to host the next edition of Mister World!

  2. Akala ko naman kung anong longest yung natikmam ni Tita Norma based sa title huh!

  3. Aawww…. Thick Indian accent trumps me every time. :Barely understood that. 😦

    I remember Mister World 2016. Missosology said India (him) had great sartorial sense. Sam Ajdani had visa issues, arrived late at pageant site, then FLUBBED a request for a Filipino song, saying he was not good at Filipino. Anyway, Mister World got its first Asian titlist after he serenaded host Megan Young.

    Enjoy Bollywood, Sir! 🙂

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