20 comments on “Mr World 2019 Official Swimwear Shots

  1. Most beautiful faces: Mexico, Brazil, Thailand and Venezuela.
    Best bodies: Lebanon, Venezuela, Brazil, Poland.
    Overall: Brazil, Thailand, Venezuela, Mexico, Lebanon.
    Dark horse: Poland or Phil

    • I venezuela has a gorgeous body but face… he’s ok..

      Mexico has the best looking face but body wise… he’s ok..

      Cameroon has the best lean muscular proportions.

  2. I wish they all wear the same swimwear cut and style… And where are the speedos!!!! hihihihihj

  3. I’m just glad that that ho Miss Pawee isn’t covering this. Otherwise he’s be all over giving these gorgeous men favors…..hihihihihi

  4. Tito Norms, lalabas ka pala sa Magpakailanman sa Sabado together with Ms. Vivian Foz. Hindi ka nagpa-plug, huh! Kaloka. Char!

    That’s all.

  5. England- Classy
    Mexico- Nice and stiff
    Venzuela- well-proportioned musculature
    Lebanon- Johny Bravo
    Brazil- too nice and straight.. 😦
    Cameroon- cuts on cuts
    India- bulky but dry..
    Spain-tall and symetrical cuts
    Russia- naturaly rugged or over-compensating?

    Netherlands- nice high-kick wink-wink*
    Australia- confirmed!

  6. Very creative ang swimwear shot ng Mister World, mas disenteng tignan at hindi pang porno at hindi chipipay ang dating. Hindi gaya ng ibang patimpalak para sa mga lalake na halos wala nang saplot ang mga kalahok kung puwede lang tuwing swimwear.

  7. Australia- confirmed
    Netherlands- confirmed

    Andami paring..di-tiyak… hmmmm

    • I like the uniqueness of Venezuela’s hair. Yes, Lebanon is a strong contender. And as always, Spain sends a top notch candidate always.

      In the pics, you will notice who got the real abs or who is still not that developed and tuck it in.

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