10 comments on “Miss Universe Catriona Gray: From South Africa to the Philippines

  1. i really don’t get the obsession of some people with these travel ek ek. kung gusto nyong magtravel ng magtravel ang miss universe e di i-petition nyo sa miss u org na next time isama sa prize ng winner na magtrabaho as flight attendant! yung pag-travel is not the measure of being a great queen, bonus na lang yun! sabi nga ni cat ” i’m the ambassador of an org who’s mission isn’t to visit as many countries as possible in a year but to be a charitable spokesperson and brand ambassador. i feel validated through the cause work that i do –i would rather count lives impacted, than passport stamps.”

    • It is not an ‘obsession’ curious lang. the past winners did travel. plus may mga negotiations na pupunta siya sa ganito pero hindi natutuloy.

      Hindi ba mas maganda din naman na makapag travel siya at makapag charity works siya sa ibang bansa not just in US or in PH? Yun kasi ang point nila..

    • veks it’s all psychology… These pageant fans from third world countries including the Philippines live their lives through Catriona. It’s almost like Miss Universe fulfills their innermost fantasies and desires in life. The way we adore stars in the Philippines. So the lack of travel and glamour tugs deeper to them esp the Latin American fans to thinking that she’s not living the ideal “queen” image. To me that is the reason why latinos are obssessed with her lack of Travel and international exposure. They have this classic ideals of a queen which is all about glitz and glamour.

  2. We can’t blame naman Catriona if she has lesser travel/s than other MU… We don’t know the reasons. Even yung sa Dominican Republic – cancelled na din di ba? yung sa Panama si Mariem ang pumunta. hmmm I wonder what is wrong with MUO bakit hindi nag ma-materialize ang mga deals with them?

    We can’t put the blame on Cat – she’s marketable. pero bakit nga ba ganon? You have any insights Tito Norms?

  3. Miss Universe 2015 visited countries during her reign:

    1. Canada
    2. Cayman Islands
    3. Dubai
    4. Ecuador
    5. Indonesia
    6. Panama
    7. Peru
    8. Philippines
    9. Thailand
    10. United States of America
    11. Singapore

    Miss Universe 2018 visited countries:

    1. Philippines
    2. Philippines
    3. Philippines
    4. Philippines
    5. Philippines
    6. Thailand
    7. Indonesia
    8. South Africa
    9. United States of America
    10. Canada

    The most traveled Miss Universe Catriona Gray. She work so hard to her charitable events. She endorsed so many products. She came back to announce that Miss Universe 2019 will be held here in Manila. That’s all nothing to be excited.

  4. Coco can you see this!! Coco can you hear me!! Coco can you find me in Manila!!!

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