18 comments on “Zozibini Tunzi is Miss South Africa 2019

  1. So MUO is looking for a rather unconventional type of beauty for this year???

    Poor 1st runner-up, she was made to loiter all by herself around the stage – not escorted, no flowers, and the like. She looks like Fasai though.

  2. wow…FRAME 1:11 it looks like she had a long hair when Tamryn was crowing her. She completely blocked Tamryn and all you could see of her was her hair behind her. 🙂

  3. Pwedeng tough 15… I just don’t see anything special with her right now. Tamaryn’s beauty is more striking IMO.

  4. Si MUP Gazini na sa palagay ko’y maganda na eh ang dami pa ring bashers. Paano kaya kung naging ganito ang kulay ng balat at ayos Ng buhok ni Gazini? Eh di mas lalo na siguro syang pinintasan ng mga ibang mga Pinoy na walang magawa kundi mang-bash sa buong buhay nila!!! Tsk tsk tsk…

  5. The Miss South Africa pageant, just like in the Philippines, are also marred with controveries. When Demi won, the other finalists (especially her runner up who went on to represent SA in Miss World – you can actually see her sour expression during the crowning ceremony) griped about the SA organization’s favoritism. The SA public also questioned their choice on social media as they perceived that Demi was too short. Ironically when Tamaryn won last year, they were all hyped from their MU win with Demi and more so because Tamaryn was ethnically ambiguous, tall, regal, well-spoken and a medical student. Well, fate favored Demi more than the latter (although being first runner up shouldn’t be sneezed at either).

    Now right after she won, Zozi has been a victim of bashing from the SA people in view of her polarizing “beauty” and short side-shaven hair. The sad reality is, bashing and bullying happen everywhere. SA’s Metro FM conducted a poll asking the public to vote whether Zozi was “beautiful, just ok, or wrong choice.” Well you can guess what the overwhelming response was, including screenshots of nasty comments. After a major public backlash, Metro FM has since apologized to the Miss SA organization and the SA public and pulled that poll out.

    Aside from being a good conversationalist, Zozi seems to have a strong personality and a “fighter.” It’s her second try for the Miss SA crown (a repeater if you will) as she only reached the semi-finals in 2017 (interestingly the year that Demi won). Her response to the poll is that she isn’t shaken by it. She said she cared less whether or not she is considered beautiful physically. She added that she would have been insulted if the poll says she isn’t smart. We will see if “future” history will trek kindly on her bid for the MU.

    • I’m a bit OCD – pardon any grammatical error especially on first sentence. It should read: “The Miss South Africa pageant… is also marred with controversies.”

    • @ Closer2Fame May we know your current Top 5? Bear in mind this is the Question Round. 🙂

      • My possible Top 3 in Random order:


        Possible Top 16:
        South Africa
        Puerto Rico
        Sierra Leone
        China or another girl from Europe.

      • MI TOP 3 in random order:


        Top 8:
        United Kingdom

        Top 15:
        South Africa
        Czech Republic

      • I’m also not a fan of Miss International 2018’s face-shape and manly features and yet she won… her Miss Venezuela predecessor is a good improvement but I guess she is destined to either place or clap.

        As for Miss Venezuela Universe…. A total face and body overhaul still awaits her thus we can rely on her sash factor that she would at least make the Top 15 but definitely not a winner.

  6. I much prefer her to her predecessor. I will not mind a South African sandwich. THIS is GOLD!

  7. no threat to Gaz … so both Venezuela and South Africa are no threat to Gaz …

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