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  1. wait… serious question talaga ito. hehe bakit nga ba laging kasama si Steph? is she like an ambassadress? i was kinda hoping that Megan will be visible kasi syempre, Pilipinas ..

    Seryosong tanong ha kung ano ba tlaga si Steph sa MW? LOL

  2. Seeing how she looks now, I think Sthefania del Valley is Julia Marley’s surprise referee for the arm wrestling event of the Mr World, which will be held as part of the sports challenge. Good choice as ever, granny Julia!

  3. Sana mga Pinoys sa mga corrupt politicians nagtatanim ng galit at hindi sa isang pageant owner who does charity works not only in the Philippines but around the world 🤷🏻‍♂️
    Just relax & enjoy the show/pageant and the beautiful men and women in it.

  4. Bakit ba pini-pressure ang Pinas na mag-host ng Miss World? Kesyo nanalo na tayo noong 2013? Pero ang Venezuela hindi pa nga nakapag-host kahit once na meron na silang 6 crowns at ang India once lang nkapaghost ata na meron na din silang 6 crowns. Dapat bigyan muna tayo ng maraming crowns ni JM bago tayo mag-host ng Miss World. More Miss World crowns for the Philippines before hosting the pageant. It’s like courting someone. Hindi mo mapasagot ng oo on a whim.

    • Hindi nga naghohost pero bawing bawi sa bidding ng franchise and sponsorship ang Venezuela… Kaya palakpak tenga ni Julia sa laki ng kita pag kay Venezuela binibigay ang crown.. best of all, bihira ang mga Venezuelan na basher nya or Missworld sa social media.. ikaw ba, gusto mo bigyan ng reward ang number1 hater mo?

      • So that’s a big challenge for her to make her haters become supporters of her pageant. More crowns for the Philippines is the best way to turn the tides in favor of her. Ano tayo uto-to na ipapa-host agad ng Miss World. Si JM ang gusto so dapat bigyan pa niya tayo ng marami pang crowns. At least 5 para masaya tayong lahat.

  5. So Julia Morley just can’t help herself but have Stephanie around to remind Filipino pageant fans of that terrible cookfest of 2016? Way to endear yourself more into our hearts Miss Morley…

    • Well, it’s a great way for her to provoke Filipinos in bashing herself and her pageant… Thus, justifying her choice not to give Ms. World Philippines a 2nd crown… which would be perfect for her business since she would then have enough space for placements for other countries who are hungry for a crown and bidding to host her pageant plus the free publicity from us regardless if its postive or negative. Why buy our cow when she can get the milk for free.

    • You know, you guys are the ones who cannot move on….hihihihihi….

      Catriona already won Miss Universe and so it is time to stop this childish constant complaining towards Lola Julia… Stephanie is still Miss World and so she can bring her to whatever event she wants.

      Do not be such entitled brats…hihihihi

  6. Is there a reason why the Philippines’ only Miss World, Megan Young, isn’t participating in these events?

    • I’m sure this hatred towards Stephanie is just among die hard pageant fanatics..
      U ask other people and they either don’t know or don’t care
      Just realize that Cat was meant for bigger things
      U should be thankful u can now watch and re-watch MU 2018 and MW 2016 pageants with a smile on your faces

  7. Lovely-looking chapel!

    Mr. Blogger, my device audio and internet suck. What was that about Carlos Franco (Brazil) hugging Fr. Evangelista?

    Also, who was the blonde European in plain white shirt, dark/black slacks, and (black) wristwatch at the Press Presentation? He looks like he can pull off a “come from behind”. Like Stephanie Del Valle.

    • Why are you so interested with a candidate hugging a priest?
      Is there anything wrong with it?

      • @ Piolo Pascual Malisya agad. Oh, my….. Anyway, I hope Mr. Blogger had a GREAT day. 🙂

        @ Closer2Fame Thanks for the correction. WOW! If Oliver wins, Manila would have crowned two Bulgarians in as many months.

        And at 5’5″, Frankie Cena just matches our Yves Campos. Who imposed these height limits, anyway?

    • Bakit akay-akay pa din si MW16 Stephanie? Itong bruhang matandang Morley nananadya. Host na nga tayo nagdala pa ng bad vibes. Hello, Miss Universe na si Cat! Tama na Juling!

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