14 comments on “Ysabel Napiza: the Jersey Fil-Am lass gunning for a Mutya Pilipinas 2019 crown

  1. Naku, wag magpapauto na magpapagalaw ng mukha! Baka mabiktima sya nung drug addict na si Doc Ferdinand Lacson ng Kosmed… Sisirain nyan mukha mo.

  2. Very nervous maybe because she’s very young. I have nephews and nieces born and raised in the states, yet they all understand and most of them (although with an accent) speaks tagalog. She looks 200% pinay.

  3. Sorry to Short fans. She is more promising for World Top Model. Madame Cory, APPOINT her!

    • She’s 18.. cut her some slack…. Elizabeth Clenci and Karen Galman were around 18 when they 1st joined… and on their 2nd try … they slayed upto their respective international pageants.

    • As someone with English as a mother tongue, I expected her to give candid spontaneous answers to simple English questions. I expected her to be as articulate and as gregarious as most Filipinos who were born and raised in the USA. Any top Filipino high schooler in the Phils who are used to English as the medium of instruction in school can do better in this interview. She indeed needs a lot of training– and self-confidence. I hope she takes this constructively.

      • @ scorg I stopped at whether she considers herself more American or Filipino. But it probably is not really straightforward a question to answer with the requisite pageant wit. Oh, well… World Top Model probably won’t care.

      • @Scorg

        Well, she is no Ahtisa Manalo who’s very articulate at 19 years old for someone raised in the province. I guess she is lost for words due to being too camera concious but give her more time to learn to be confident and I believe she could rise to the occasion. In 2-3 years she could be ready for BBP.

      • C2f: Honestly , she is the minority here . I believe majority of Americans are very well-spoken prob because of their up bringing and how they are encouraged to speak up at school. I have encountered people from all walks of life here . Rarely do I see someone like her who could hardly explain herself .

  4. Looks like a young Janine Tugonon. Her youth will give her an edge in Top Model selection.

  5. Love beautiful Filipina beauties with “Island-brown” features! So refreshing!

    All the best, Jersey girl! 😉❤👍

  6. If she can cultivate a bubbly/sunny personality to go with that fresh and gorgeous face then she can be a contender for MUP in the next couple of years. I just love her Pinay look.

    • Her face looks like Shamcey Supsup and Athena Imperial combined… but on a statuesque 5’11 body.. She also reminds me of Mafae Yunon who although was not raised here… She developed herself into the winner that she became later. I hope she continiously improves herself mentaly because physicaly, she already got the goods.

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