18 comments on “The Mr World 2019 Press Presentation

  1. There’s so much hatred and negativity among the kabaklaan citizens.
    It’s been years since Ms. Gray’s Miss World stint.
    Seem like they can’t move on.

    Hindi po lahat ng titles laging Filipina ang mananalo.
    Mas may magandang nakahandang plano kay Ms. Gray kaya di siya naging MW.

    Enough of bashing and negativity. There’s so much hatred in this world.
    Don’t be part of it. Don’t spread hate and discourse to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

  2. For sure flies will dominate the smart araneta coliseum come aug 9. In short, lalangawin. Kahit pa cguro libre ang entrance. Di ba mga vheks?

    • @ Jazzi Why not treat MW organization beneficiaries in the country to that free show, then? 🙂

    • Why the negativity?
      Karma begets karma.

      Be thankful for the organization helping Philippine charities.
      Ikaw, May naiambag ka ba sa any charities sa Pilipino?

      Baklang puro dada wala naman kawanggawa.

  3. What does it take to be the “world’s most desirable man”? From the pics and videos, it seems it is not the looks, the height, the walk, the fashion sense. Obviously, different countries have various sense of manliness, masculinity, maleness, sensuality, and all the other perceived attributes of a man’s desirability. I’m sure it includes educational attainment, intellectuality, conviction, leadership, and all other qualities the photos don’t project. If this is the case, our very own JB Saliba has a great chance of snatching the crown.

  4. Lots of empty seats at this press presentation even with two Miss World titleholders present. SAD.

    Arnold looks worried. I bet he KNOWS he’s gonna get blamed by Julia in the end if this “pageant” turns out to be a bust…

    • @ Casper …Well, they did say the Press Presentation was “invitation only”. Coupled with the bad weather the past few days. What is crucial is the number of social media followers and the amount of activity there. How is it?

    • Casper, a lot of the empty seats were actually reserved for the 69 candidates who occupied them during the most parts of the Press Presentation.

  5. Bakit nga ba palaging kasama yang Stephanie del Valle na yan. Nang-iinsulto ba si JM sa ating mga Pinoy? Nangaasar? Nagpapaingit? If she keeps del Valle on showing up, it always brings back the hatred ang anger of what happened in Miss World 2016.

    • I believe Julia wants to justify her superb cooking skill and to stand firm on her biased decision. She knows very well that we Filipinos hate her “off the roof” and bringing with her that undeserving Miss World winner will give her a sense of power. This is her way to anger us more – a passive yet aggressive strategy! Super kapal di na nahiya! I wish lalangawin ang show niya.

  6. India was superb! I love how he chose to wear the traditional sherwani and our Namaste!

  7. Spain and Mexico look haggard; the latter has skinny legs (sigh).

    Thailand looks tentative. Indonesia has more swagger.

    Agree. Austria, Argentina, and Puerto Rico have a something….

    Venezuela, as usual, sent a Ken doll.

    England can be an acceptable winner to all parties concerned.

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