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  1. It was never a pageant coz there was no scoring system. It was merely a raffle draw

  2. Initially wanted to react to Ben. But may as well address this at-large.

    At that Good Morning Britain interview, JM said MW will have a no make-up challenge (like Earth).

    Mr. Tinio, will sponsor L’Oreal use that as a marketing pitch? Could you check with her? Thanks!

    • @Flor,

      Having mentioned L’Oreal as a sponsor, don’t you notice most world-renowned cosmetics brands do not, or seldom, sponsor beauty contests? What could be the reason? If L’Oreal uses the no-makeup challenge as a marketing pitch, it must be a very ingenious move. It may make people notice the brand, and maybe encourage brand trials and switching.

      • @ scorg My guess : it is poor business strategy for their industry in the liberal West (where pageantry is on the decline, anyway) to associate with beauty contests. It probably is more profitable to make it relatable rather than aspirational. That being said, I am not surprised that Ever Bilena picked the “artista” – Vicki Rushton – as their BBP 2019 image model. 🙂

      • @Flor, I think top global cosmetics brands do not generally associate with beauty contests because they do not want their brand message to be diluted with the general perception in the West that beauty pageants commodify women’s bodies. Also, there was a scholarly study conducted years ago that found out that representation in MU (the database used) is inversely proportional to the level of economic freedom in the respective participating countries. In other words, in First World countries where more economic opportunities are available to women, there is less motivation for women to join in beauty contests for social and economic status as well as international recognition. So for a world-renowned cosmetic brand, the logic could be: why lend my name and brand image with some activities where my target market is not interested in? That’s why for L’Oreal to associate itself with the MW brand, there must be some interesting reasons why.

    • Hi Flor. This is my view on the no make-up challenge vis-à-vis the sponsorship of L’Oreal. This matter presents itself in so many levels. One, there’s a clamor for respecting individuality and inclusiveness in defining what is referred to as “natural beauty.” This is in itself a point of contention because what is naturally beautiful in one’s eyes may not be so in another’s. It’s another facet of presenting a modern woman (or men in some cases) much like having make-up is also a legitimate way of enhancing one’s beauty in the public eye. However, each girl’s level of comfort differs – some can lay their God-given physical attributes out in all their glory without enhancement while others (and this is a reality) require a little touch up here and there to boost their confidence. It all boils down to personal preferences.

      On the part of L’Oreal, it seems to me that the pitch is related to its new line of products called “L’Oréal Paris No Make-up Make-up.” It offers a line of cosmetics that cover imperfections enough without being obvious to an untrained eye.

  3. I think it is still a beauty pageant—seen in the context of a multi-dimensional character of beauty. The physical beauty is seen in body fitness and health (Sports Challenge) and bearing (Top Model Challenge). The cerebral beauty is manifested in the Head-to-Head Challenge and interviews, The inner beauty (character)projected by the BWAP Advocacy, and Social Media Challenge. This effort to dodge the image of beauty contests as a form of commodification of women, I think, is the reason why this contest has the biggest country participation among the beauty pageants.

  4. We were once ruled by Spain through the Viceroyalty of Mexico for 250 years(1565-1815) therefore she should feel at home since our culture is very much simillar.

  5. I just saw the lengthy interviews with Vanessa Ponce posted on line by Sash Factor and some other independent vloggers and I can say that the MW organization got it right this time in choosing her. She can talk her “ass” (pardon the language) off in English in a very colorful way – relaxed, classy, charming yet commanding and indeed engaging. I found it funny that for a few seconds during the interview, she stopped talking, pouted her lips and grooved her shoulders to the beat of the music in the room proximate to the press room and blurted out “hey, it’s the Mexican in me.”

    Now I understand that you’ll never really know what happens during closed door interviews or during interaction with the staff, insiders and people around during competitions because the tedious broadcast of MW don’t showcase each contestant’s real personalities. These local interviews at the Novotel earlier show how witty and unperturbed she is even if some of the questions thrown at her were cringeworthy, repetitive, sophomoric and condescending.

    I was especially amused when she said that Filipino pageant fans scared her off initially when she was competing at MW and even before she landed in the Philippines as MW. She said Filipino fans are all over social media (well, that’s a given) and were asking her very probing questions. She said they are not superficial fans because they are really interested about who she is and what she does. Such a very candid girl. I’ll be following her three-week stay here to find out what other “candid” comments she’ll throw out there. Interesting.

  6. cooking show kc sya…sa totoo lang wala nang entertainment factor ang MW…parang convention ang datingan na may pa activities sa mga reps tapos sa dulo pipili ng titleholder

  7. First of all, I love Vanessa’s big sparkling eyes. They’re truly mesmerizing. Her thought process makes her appear very grounded. But I know she has the usual Latina fire in her belly seeing how feisty her interaction was with Piers Morgan and Susana Reid during her televised interview on Good Morning Britain. She has conviction which is rather unusual compared to previous MW winners who appear docile.

    The slant that MW is not a pageant anymore is a little confusing to me. If you check the Oxford definition of what a pageant is, it says: “a public entertainment consisting of a procession of people in elaborate, colorful costumes, or an outdoor performance of a historical scene.” MW’s activities are as a matter of fact still pageant related, unless the organizers altogether remove those parades, dinner galas, or dances-of-the-world segments where the ladies wear costumes, and simply focus on interviews, on what they call “head-to-head challenges” or debates (during Megan’s reign) and charitable activities. It may not be the razzle-dazzle pageant that many fans are drawn to like Miss Universe, but it is still one in my opinion. Now whether fans in the Philippines like the format or not, it’s their preference. No matter what, there are specific audiences for these kinds of affairs, probably not as many. The way I see it in recent years, the MW winners are brainy girls who happen to be beautiful (well, relatively) while MU winners are gorgeous girls who happen to be brainy. We can debate on that but that’s my own take.

    The MW organizers should also take caution in declaring that it’s not a pageant anymore because the international pageant fan websites, pages and discussion fora may no longer feature it. That’s not a boon to its already dwindling popularity, and it’s not an excuse for its current state of being either. Any activity, pageant if you will, with high entertainment value needs excitement, drama, fierce competition, razzmatazz, a little of skin, etc. It’s largely mundane.

  8. There was a time na hinde naman beauty pageant ang mw. Coz those time Fastracts ang basehan then Q&A to determine the winner. Just like when meagan won. In over all of fastract she top that scoreboard until Q&A. Nagktaon lang na beauty pa sya.
    But. If mw is not already a beauty pageant anymore. Then in what ways? They need to clear things on how to become a miss world now a days. I didnt watched last year edition so idk how the system was. And i dont what to review it. Boring daw 😂. But I honestly want that idea that mw is not a beauty pageant anymore. They should have a a clear system. I am liking the FT as the sources of semis. But after that top 40 or top 30 miss world walk competition wearing their EG. Then drop to 15. Top 15. A speech for their advocacy. Drop to 10 Then top 10 for Q&A round 1 and top 5 Q&A round 2 them announcing of top 3 winners. And most of all. NEVER ALLOW ND TO SEAT AS ONE ONE OF THE JUDGES! Let advocates and other purposeful women and men to seat as the judges.

  9. The way I understand what she is saying, Miss World Organization wants to be different from the previous pageants that they did, they want to focus more time on every candidate platforms and less focus on the beauty and the swimsuits and the beautiful evening gowns. Miss World Organization is rebranding their purpose to a wider and useful way to help every candidates advocacy. Good luck to you Miss World 2018!

  10. Well…if MW is no longer a beauty pageant then this Big 2 pageant has become to Miss Universe as what Miss America has become compared to Miss USA.

    It still does not excuse Ms. Morley and the MWO in having a uber-boring final and a scoring system, which includes a leader board with fast track winners which have no baring in determining the winner.

    Ask those who followed the MW 2016 edition.

    Give it up Julia. Time for some new ideas.

    • LOVE IT!!! That is exactly what I’m thinking! It has evolved into something unappealing, distasteful and insignificant! That is the best way to cover up all the injustices they have done to many deserving winners they have denied of the crown or a rightful placement. Miss World ……ENJOY your karma!

  11. Is Madam Julia aware of the feedback, nakaka asar na eh..super boring pageant. Last year naging Quiz Bee nakakatawa

  12. If Miss World is no longer a beauty pageant, then what is it?

    A Charity Organization?

    A Quiz Bee competition?

    A Talent show?

    An Olympic sport?

  13. well. let’s just wait and see who will make the cut kung hindi na nga ba talaga ito beauty pageant.

    wala na talagang excitement. halos kulang pa kadalasan ang coverage. maraming kandidata na maganda ang platform, resume. ang bwap.. pero hindi pinapalad masama sa semi finalists. so…

    hmm… tignan na lang natin. lol

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