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  1. Ano ba talaga height requirement ng mwp? Yung nanalo first runner up charmaine last year nakita ko tantiya ko 5’1 lang

  2. Even if they admit 60-80 pageant veterans to compete this year, there is no question that Michelle Marquez Dee is the obvious winner… And she could be at least Top 3 at Miss World if not the winner. If Julia Morely even thinks about snubbing this well-loved member of the Marquez clan, I don’t know what would be the repercussions.

    Michelle Marquez Dee is Miss World 2019!

  3. 5’4 and pudgy legs si Kristi banks. Sali pa more di nga pumasa sa bbp.
    Mwp height requirements please
    Oo may karapatan mangarap ang bawat Isa ngunit ang sagwa din ng body proportions nya check nyo plains and prints website

    • Don’t be hateful!!! She has done nothing wrong to body-shame her. Creep!!!

    • Thats why binibining pilipinas reign supreme to have ladies who are 5’6 the least

    • @ Hetty Magka-height kami ni Kristi! So, Blogger is at least 5’5″. He is taller than Ms. Banks. 🙂

      • @flor.. She was rejected nga by bbp bec of height Naka pusod pa sya nun Para di daw mahalata and may mga 5’5 na nakapasok sa bbp. OK given someone is not towering in height at least naman Sana ka body proportion ni jehza huelar. This girl have pauleen Luna body proportions
        Im not also being a creep like what arte anonymous said. I’m just saying na national pageant ito Kung kinulang sa haba wag din naman sumobra sa salbabida

  4. 40 candidates will be competing for Six (6) titles at this year’s Miss World Philippines Pageant. Selection of official delegates was held on August 4th at the C3 Events Place in Greenhills with 37 of the 40 delegates were officially revealed. The presentation of delegates still to be determined.[2][3][4][5]

    Line-up Contestant Age Ht. Representative Long Gown Designer Ref
    01 Jacqueline Hammoude TBD
    02 Sheila Reyes TBD
    03 Katrina Llegado TBD
    04 Patricia Gutierrez TBD
    05 Michelle Kain TBD
    06 Justiene Ortega TBD
    07 Hanna Therese Cruz TBD
    08 Kimberly Hakenson TBD
    09 Sharmaine Galisanao TBD Occidental Mindoro
    10 Jean Tumang 5’11” Capas, Tarlac
    11 Glyssa Perez TBD Bohol
    12 Sharielle Yanson TBD
    13 Julie Mae Mendoza TBD
    14 Julie Ann Forbes TBD
    15 Isabella de Leon TBD
    16 Patricia Ann Tan TBD
    17 Kelley Day TBD
    18 Ruffa Nava 25 5’8″
    19 Ednalyn Gunio TBD
    20 Gerlaine Silva TBD
    21 Rose Ann Ignacio TBD
    22 Alyssa Joreen Reyes TBD
    23 Kristi Celyn Banks TBD
    24 Michelle Dee TBD
    25 Shannon Christie Kerver TBD Cabiao, Nueva Ecija
    26 Patrisha Kamille Gutierrez TBD
    27 Patrixia Shirley Santos TBD
    28 Sammie Anne Legaspi 26 5’6″
    29 Louise Theunis 20 TBD Cebu City
    30 Joanna Camelle Mercado TBD Floridablanca, Pampanga
    31 Mary Daena Resurreccion TBD Pandacan, Manila
    32 Kayesha Clauden Chua 26 5’6″
    33 Aura Shaznay Tumulak 20 TBD Ormoc City, Leyte [6]
    34 Michelle Thorlund TBD California
    35 Tracy Maureen Perez TBD Argao, Cebu
    36 Vanessa May Walters 19 5’8″ Cebu City
    37 Ilene Astrid de Vera 23 5’10” Mandaue City, Cebu
    38 TBD TBD
    39 TBD TBD
    40 TBD

    • @ mikko Thanks for sharing. And Vanessa Ponce came in last night! Will she also grace the MrW Kick-Off? 🙂

    • I created the MWP 2019 wikipedia page and ensured the correct spelling of their names are indicated through google.


      Mikko of Northern California

  5. Michelle FTW, make historyto be the first Mother daughter winning major international beauty pageants. I also like Vanessa Walters, Kelly Day, Ilene de Vera, and Kristi Banks❤️Goodluck ladies..,

  6. I applaud the ladies who were confident enough to not wear tacky chunky platform shoes 👏
    Maganda ang katabi ni 29 na naka beige na kulay ang dress.

  7. Miss Philippines Tourism?

    I dont know, seems like a sad reminder of the now defunct BbP “Tourism” title where the winner had nowhere to compete internationally.

    Just shaking my head in disappointment.

  8. Michelle Dee is most definitely MWP worthy. She is a beautiful and refreshing “morena” type oppose to a traditional light skinned mestiza favorite which has been the pattern of crowning the MWP in recent years.

    Unfortunately, if she does win, her close affiliation with Arnold Vegrafia will only add to the “cooking show” reputation the MW/MWP organization already has in which thr winner is already predetermined.

    MWP, since seceding from BPCI, has been a distant second in terms of fan support and enthusiasm from pageant diehards. Perhaps the idea of MWP returning to the BbP fold may restore or or even increase interest in MW in a pageant crazed nation. Just a thought.

    Regardless, as a pageant power, I do hope the Philippines does win a couple more MW crowns to showcase on its trophy mantle.

    Enough said.

    • @ jaretwrightlover Yep. And BBP stands to lose titles…. Go ask LCS & Angkol. 🙂

  9. Congratulations Michelle Dee! Kahit hindi ka rumampa sa finals ikaw parin win ng MWP

    Minor Title na lang ang paglalabanan


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