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  1. Perhaps the MG-Venezuela ND is well-connected to the Maduro regime. And the latter wants to use the pageant to prove to critics that everything is under control….

    Remember how Miss Philippines joined those who opposed South Africa’s apartheid policy during Miss World? Should pageant fora Admins initiate a formal call for countries to withdraw from this year’s MGI?

    Come to think of it. Even Montenegro…. that former Jugoslavia… endured conflict not too long ago.

    Just thinking.

    All the best to our Octoberians!

  2. I think the reason Nawat aspires to hold his pageant in Venezuela is to juxtapose his “Stop the war” motto against the civil strife in Venezuela. If he wants to transform his pageantry business’ motto into real advocacy, his contest should be able to present to the two protagonists the way forward to peace– and engage them in meaningful political, economic, social, and cultural initiatives. Just telling them “Stop the war” through the robotic babbles of the candidates will not even scratch the surface of this complex divisive geopolitical issue. On the contrary, this will be offensive and condescending to the two warring sides. I hope in the effort to gain international media mileage, this contest is putting the lives of the participants in danger in a country where some governments have imposed a travel ban.

    • Correction: Last sentence should be “I hope in the effort to gain international media mileage, this contest is NOT putting the lives of the participants in danger in a country where some governments have imposed a travel ban”.

    • Correction: Last sentence should read ” I hope in the effort to gain international media mileage, this contest is NOT putting the lives of the participants in danger in a country where some governments have imposed a travel ban”.

      • Sir this is a beauty contest and not a global peace conference
        “To promote peace “ is just an Excuse to hold another beauty pageant

  3. It’s a shame that in announcing Venezuela as host country, Nawat is trying to stir up controversy and publicity for his pageant while riding on Venezuela’s economic collapse to do just that. Who is Nawat trying to fool? And who in their right mind would send their country’s representative to Venezuela (Mrs Araneta)? Venezuela at the moment is very unstable in all aspects, to say the least! My heart goes out to all Venezuelans who are now suffering in the midst of this most critical and sad time in their modern history.

    • i think samantha lo desperada rin.. sayang ganda niya. pustahan tayo pag dinakapasok iyan eh magdadakdak dahil mukhang palaban. hindi siya katulad ni eva na tahimik pero siya mukhang may pagkamaldita. sbagay yan gusto ni nawat mga mukhang palaaway pero pano siya mananalo kung kalaban ni nawat mga pnoy. gagamitin lang siya. di ba niya alam ang kasabihan na walang manggagamit kung walang nagpapagamit? Sam Lo, sumali ka na lang sa miss world philippines. sayang ka lang

  4. Last year , MUO announced the host city Bangkok, Thailand on July 31st 2018. We should be learning shortly from the MUO/IME which city will become the host of MU 2019. I major major hope that it will be So. Korea if not UAE. If it ends up in the US, I hope it will be Reno-Tahoe ( like in the MUSA 2019, great great stage) or if not, Guam or Hawaii…

  5. Leren has a really go chance of making it to the top 5 again. Winner material.

  6. Only the opportunistic Nawat would hold a pageant in a very unstable country. I hope they are taking care of the girls and they get what they want out of hosting it in Venezuela…My gosh…

    • Ansabe sa press conference niya, may individual escort daw ang mga girlalu (bonga, diba?)!

      Tapos sa coronation night, papaligiran daw yung buong venue ng policia!

      Mga pageant admin sa Venezuela na maraming followers actually nai-insulto sa pinag-gagagawa niya!

      Mahina lang yung audio nung video pero sabay nag-guest si Clara at si Julio (ND of ME Venezuela) sa isang talk show. Hanapin ko ibang video para maintindihan ko Espanol nila!

    • Mag succeed man ang pageant nya don. Maging safe ang lahat. Still bad moved and decision pa din na i push ang pegent nya don. Juske! Alang alang sa business nya. Kahit pa may maitulong sya sa turismo ng venenzuela or may charity syang beneficiary don nakakainsulto pa din talaga for venenzuelan and to their country. Sabi nga mayaman sya eh kung target nya lang tulungan ang venenzuela sa economy nila e d magdonte nalang agad agad. D yung magpapa pageant pa don. Bad decision din sa possible venenzuelan sponsors nya to support him. Ano kaya masasabi ni trump sa angkol na to?! Hate ko talagang tong pageant na to pero hinde naman pwede sabihin natin na wag sana sya magsuccess si nawatt dahil may maraming buhay ng inosente ang nakataya dyan. Hay nawat!!!!!

      • Jed, nobody is traveling to Venezuela right now… Only dumb and inconsiderate people would. People are starving and to be frank I do not want to see the sights of poverty when I travel.

      • @4M — The economic collapse in Venezuela is worse than poverty. The very fabric of Venezuela has disintegrated to a point of no return, where no one knows what the next day will bring and the degree of human suffering is at such a large scale. The crisis has been called “post-apocalyptic” and worse than the Great Depression and the fall of the Soviet Union combined, with the situation there compared to post-war conditions, marked by hyperinflation, escalating starvation, disease, crime and mortality rates, resulting in massive emigration from the country. Nawat announcing Venezuela as host country to stir up publicity for his pageant is VILE and opportunistic.

        My heart and prayers go out to all Venezuelans.

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