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  1. Chery veric wish list designer for day to day wear para Kay atty Magtanong.

    • Great suggestion… all his designs were on point…
      Even the red gown that Maxine Medina was suppose to wear during the MU corronation night. The Rhet Ayala gown looked unfinished in comparison to that ruffled red masterpiece of Cherry Veric.

      • @closer.. I could just imagine her everyday wardrobe. So intricate designs yet wearable.naalala mo how the Japs were touching Kylie’s skirt design #Pa7ch

  2. Patch is beautiful – she may not have the Miss International prototype look right now, but eventually, she will blossom into a gorgeous lady that is fit for the Tokyo based pageant.

    I like her. I support her. but please don’t get me wrong. I think Patch needs to get or needs to try other stylist or designer. I hope she stops wearing Pablo Mendez muna. those ribbon-after-ribbon dresses are.. hmm. not helping her.

    She needs to step up her wardrobe game – i mean this. I want her to wear more Mark Bumgarner, Libiran, Michael Cinco – all the designers that Kylie and Ahtisa wore. Promise, it will really make her look ready for the Mikimoto crown.

    Alam ko nasa experimental stage sila. pero.. hmm. again, needs to try different looks and wardrobes.


  3. I find calling people as still “sourgraping” or bitter unnecessary. They were only stating their opinions and what they are feeling, in the same way that you guys are just stating your opinions about their opinions. Isn’t it ironic that youre somewhat preventing people from doing something that youre (essentially) doing presently?

    Regarding Patch, I must admit that time has given me a chance to reassess my perspective. To me she’s still the MUP that got away, or the biggest “what if” in MUP history. I mean, the fact that she bagged best in swimsuit out of nowhere shows how much of a performer she really is. Even i was not expecting that. But looking back at her styling and yeah sige perf na rin, there were definitely still some areas to improve on. Simply put, hilaw pa talaga sya. It would really have been better if BPCI didnt crown her now. The only crown that fits her is MUP, sa tru lang talaga, and if that means she would have to suffer being crownless on her first attempt, then i think it would have been preferable and more beneficial.

    • I agree. In this marketplace of ideas, I wish we should just stick to issues, not delve on personal attacks. We should respect each other’s opinions. After all, we are one in in the pursuit of the development of pageantry in our country, and in the sustenance of the Philippines’ image as the Pageant Powerhouse in the world.

    • Isn’t calling out those people who say the whole situation is bitter or sourgraping … sougraping in itself ?

    • What if she was not crowned? I aslo believe that she’s MUP material given all the improvements after 2018. But what could be the assurance she is going to be crowned MU 2019? We do not know yet if there will be more deserving girls next year. I really like her more as MUP. Sayang!

  4. What is her National Costume?
    I hope it’s theme is not a reminder of how gullible our ancestors were after being ransacked by our colonizers. 🙂

    • @C2F,
      Glad you brought this up. I think Patch’s Binibini warrior costume is antithetical to the “world peace” theme of MI. But what Philippine costume reflects tenderness, friendliness, hospitality, and inner peace– and still resonate strength, determination and will power?

      • @Scorg

        The Filipina of the late 1800s wearing her elaborate festive kimona and saya with a bamboo parasol on one hand and an intricately carved fan on another hand would be the perfect representation of that. A gold payoneta with waling-waling orchids on her head would be the perfect cherry on top. That was the time when women started getting a college education to become more than just housewives… this era gave rise to many Filipinas who were successful in their chosen careers.

    • Your knowledge, conviction and passion for history is admirable, C2F.

      • True. I disagree with some of C2F’s views, but I learn a lot from the snippets of history he injects in some of his comments. To me, he is one of those who elevate the conversation on pageantry a notch higher, above the widespread bashing, trolling and rumor-mongering.

    • Thanks guys…

      I hope she’ll be wearing something that would highlight her Japanese lineage… Ex. Gemma Cruz-Araneta and Megan Young are both members of the Ursua clan who’s direct ancestor traces their roots from the 1st batch of 300+ Japanese-Christian nobles who migrated to Las Islas Filipinas and 1st settled at Plaza Dilao in Paco, Manila during the late 1600’s… Coincidentaly, Mariel De Leon is also a descendant of those Japanese settlers through the Jomaquio clan. I suspect that Patricia may also be remotely descended from those foreign migrants centuries ago therefore I suggest that she dresses up in the traditional Filipino Kimona made of Piña fabric and wearing wooden slippers w/ a modern twist.. which reflects the Japanese influence and the laws of the strict class system during the Spanish era.

      • Wearing a waterproof bamboo and paper parasol of the East Asians instead of the wood and metal covered in lace of the Spanish mestizas.

      • So it’s stupid to celelebrate Spanish culture but it’s ok to suck up t o the Chinese and Japanese ?

      • @Fabian

        Don’t put words in my mouth!!!…
        I’m against our colonizers for using the Catholic faith to manipulate, control and abuse our natives… which is the same technique currently practiced by our oligarchs… Meanwhile, we’ll be sending Patch to compete in a pageant owned by the Japanese… How else do you want to gain the favor of the Japanese organization than to highlight our cultural similarities?!

      • C2f , u can gain their favor by being the authentic U
        Do u remember what happened to Bianca Guidote who tried to channel her Madame Butterfly side ?

    • She will wear a stunning Sinulog inspired costume. Will do a pirouette with Sto. Nino in hand.

      I believe many Pinoys are gullible even to this day. Fake news is big in our country – propagated by DDS.

      • @Johnny

        Let Gazini wear that piece of shite…
        It’s a perfect representation of people like you w/c could be her great alibi for not winning Miss Universe… Hahahaaaaaa… 😀

  5. Diba may close door interview ang mi? If yes. I hope ung judges sa interview sila din ang judges til coronation. Interview/speaking is patch greatest weapon para mas ma consider ng judges and mio for the crown. And patch weakest part is her catwalk. I hope ma master nya ung para sa kanya that fits miss international. I think enough to mold her into a barbie doll. We already had kylie and ahtisa who did this barbiesss thing. Baka magsawa ang mio. Need diversity but still with a touch of japanese thing/taste. That make up above looks so japanese. Try nila mga ganyan basta dont put too much. I japanese make up nila into queen look.

  6. I need advise,

    Paano ba magkaroon ng ganyang kakinis na kili-kili? Maputi naman kili-kili ko kaso may mga folds or creases? Gusto ko ganyan!

  7. Gazini nailed mup. Puro lalaki mga judges. Nung nakita ko halos male ang hurado alam ko na mup si gaz. please Gazini pinakamaganda talaga alam nyo Yan panu ko pinupuri ang dyosa since day 1. Face of binibini nga si gazini ano pa ba tangapin na
    I’m not convinced of Patch to be the doll like mi mold in fact I like Hannah or Emma T. But listening how patch compose herself and how she put her thoughts in a diplomatic manner mi na mi ang hitad.
    Now as fellow Filipinos hand in hand support natin Sana sa rep natin. Dapat sila sana Yun number 1 sa list natin or top 3 man Lang kasi flag bearer natin sila.
    Ako nga di ko Gano feel si patch nun road to bbp sila pero gusto ko sana manalo sya sa MI now na bbp
    international sya kahit na nagagandahan ako dun sa shupits at charmingan number 2 ko Lang si neighbor
    same sa my dyosang Gazini. Number 1 sa puso ko at number 2 ko si pasay

    • just because kababayan natin sila doesnt mean na dapat automatic nasa top 3 natin sila. That’s just plain biased. I mean, hindi ba mas masarap sa pakiramdam na ilagay mo sila sa top 3 ng predictions mo because you know deep in your heart and mind that they truly deserve to place and not just because kababayan natin sila?

      PS. Im not questioning our queens’ capabilities, please dont make away me haha. Im really just iffy on the reasoning na “kababayan natin so dapat top 3”

      • @scorg. Top 3 sa puso mo. Hindi sa timpalak. Nasa iyo naman Yan Kaya nga different folks different strokes Kaya nga Sana Sana. Walang pumipilit

  8. With the raging debate in Japan about changing its post-WWII pacifist constitution to bring back its armed forces to “protect peace and independence of Japan”, a lawyer is the most credible candidate to talk about peace and peacemaking. An enlightened opinion from the Land of People Power will absolutely resonate well with Japan, where 54% oppose revision of its no-military constitution. The MI organization will certainly benefit immensely from a spokesperson who can competently and authoritatively talk about its motto “world peace and understanding”. With Patch, the forthcoming Tokyo Olympics will surely be a very good platform for MI to advance its brand message to the world.

    • If I may add, I think this is Patch’s differential advantage over the competition: her economics, legal and modeling background makes her the most beautiful and authoritative spokesperson on the topic of “world peace and understanding”. With today’s alarming rise of Neo-Nazis and white supremacists, emboldened nuclear ambitions of North Korea, intensifying economic and political terrorism, and other peace-disrupting world events, MI can no longer ignore the need to frame its motto on these existential threats to humanity. A spokesperson like Patch will definitely give the MI brand spirit a fresh perspective, and its brand message a more appealing dimension.

  9. Ano naman kinalaman ni Aling Vickie dito? Kaloka mga delusional na faney ni Patch. Dami conspiracy theories. Lol. If si Patch ang second in line or first pa, Vickie messing up wouldn’t stop her from getting the top crown. Nasan na common sense niyo? Kinain na ng delusion? Vickie despite messing up could’ve finished gaya kay Janicel Lubina back in 2015, pero hindi dahil Gazini was destined for the MUP crown. Tigilan niyo yang pag-uundermine niyo kay Gazini. Pati yung lavinia ng titisofpageantry halata masyado inis sa resulta kaya suportang suporta kay colombia pati indonesia. Nakakahiya kayo filipino tayong lahat pero dahil di nanalo bet niyo, magpapakatalangka kayo? Patch didn’t win the top crown because of Gazini. Period. Tigilan niyo yang issue na ginagawa niyo. Easier to be happy and support our kababayans kesa sa hinihila niyo sila pababa.

  10. Let’s be real, It was so obvious that BPCI’s MUP choices were, in this order: 1Gazini, 2Vickie, 3Hannah, and their MIP options were: 1Vickie, 2Patch, and 3Emma. Patch did better than Gazini on the Q&A portion… if Madam Stella did consider Patch as an MUP contender, she could’ve easily assigned the MI title to Emma and MUP to Patch. It’s been so many weeks now since they were crowned and some of y’all are still sourgraping and so bitter. MUO doesn’t determine their winners based solely on photoshopped pictures, they judge the girls irl, in motion. I have to admit that I was not the biggest Gazini fan initially, but we couldn’t deny the fact that her personality is very endearing and would definitely capture the foreign judges’ hearts. She is more beautiful and MU-worthy than Patch who only looks good in edited pictures and certain angles.

  11. I know that young Patch admires Angelina Jolie. After all, she is an Academy Award winning actress, a humanitarian having adopted minority/ethnic children from impoverished environments and is noted of her great concern with world hunger. Much to be admired.

    HOWEVER, I wonder if Patch also aware of that Ms. Jolie’s real life role as a homewrecker in her adulterous and public affair with a married and soon to be husband Brad Pitt. The cherry on the cake is her unusual affection with her brother whom she tongue-kissed public as if her were Brad Pitt.

    Food for thought. I wonder if her idolizing Ms. Jolie, not aware of her dark side, cost her the MUP title.


    Oh well…time to move forward again

    • The judges rarely dissect the answers to their questions as much as we, the viewers, intensively do. The atmosphere in the live audience is very different from what we see on TV or Youtube. The judges choose the girl who has that “it” factor based on their personal criteria and the one who connects to them the most. Unfortunately to Patch, her beauty is not as “universal” as Gazini’s in the eyes of the majority of the population. She is perfect for Miss International. Let’s just support her and the other girls.

  12. Dami pa ring bitter e mukhang masaya naman si Patch sa Int’l nya, so dapat happy na din lahat.
    Vicki Rushton has nothing to do with Patch not being MUP. Don’t blame it on Vicki Rushton not doing well, dahil kung naging Int’l si Vicki, malamang Grand si Patch.
    Hindi nakuha ni Patch ang MUP dahil kay Gazini, simple as that.

  13. Well, if indeed Vicky’s mess up indeed upended Patch from being crowned MUP then we all witnessed the down side of crowning six queens or “winners” like a jigsaw puzzle.

    Thia certainly fuels the fire of proponents of a pageant, after an overall stellar performance which includes nailing the final q&a, crowning only ONE rightful and deserving winner to MU and her four runners-up.

    That did not happen this year.

  14. I love the look! If MUP franchise will be granted to Chavit Singson next year (2020), Patch could still join and pursue her MUP dream in 2021. She has to free herself first from contract with BBP next year that’s why 2021 is the best year for her. Anyways, she’s still young, fresh and getting more beautiful as the time progresses!

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  15. Agreed. If Vicky did not mess, the crowns would have been bestowed upon differently.

  16. Patch’s worth is measured more by her inner beauty that radiates from within, not by physical looks. But if validating her worth is confined to physical beauty alone, this photo will certainly silence her critics. On the other hand, Patch’s inner beauty projects friendliness, intelligence, benevolence, sensibility and ability to take action—a direct consequence of her credentials as a topnotch graduate, a young lawyer achiever, and a social advocate. I believe Patch perfectly fits the template of the MI winner, especially if MI frames and invigorates its trite “world peace” advocacy in the backdrop of the looming nuclear and cyberwars, the intensifying political and economic terrorism and the continuing conventional military warfare.

  17. This is the best I’ve seen Patch in
    Her beautiful feminine voice and long lean body will work in her favor . Just find the perfect make up and hairstyle for her .

  18. The Elizabeth Taylor eye make up is sophistication. That makes Patch a topnotch contender for Miss International, considering that classy look plus her eloquence.

    Admittedly, whenever I see Patch’s Vogue-ish photos, I can’t help it but sigh, then rethink why she was not picked as the Philippines’ representative to MU. Patch’s beauty is hard to ignore in MU, and I thought she was the best successor of Cat and could give the country its first back-to-back win.

    Oh, well. BPCI has its own reason for which reason does not know. I would just accept the fact that Gazini is destined to be MUP, and is a decent choice as well for the crown. I wish Gazini the best in MU, anyway.

    To Patch– I can see that you are enjoying your journey as MIP, but I feel that you do not take it lightly. I can see the Mikimoto crown on your head this early. God bless you.

    That’s all.

    • If Vicky did well during the Q&A….
      It would have been a different scenario:

      MU- Patch
      MI- Vicky
      MIC- Gazini
      MSupra- Resham
      MGI- Emma
      MG- is either Sam Lo or Leren

      • If MUP franchise will be granted to Chavit Singson next year (2020), Patch could still join and pursue her MUP dream in 2021. She has to free herself first from contract with BBP next year that’s why 2021 is the best year for her. Anyways, she’s still young, fresh and getting more beautiful as the time progresses!

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