6 comments on “Introductory video of Mr World Philippines JB Saliba

  1. very manly looking thank goodness they ddnt allow a twink to represent PH hehe

  2. Indeed. Reeking of “Iskolar ng Bayan”. 🙂

    I wonder if the forest shots with the doggies were taken near Subic Water, a tranquil-remote place.

    Blogger San, tell ALV to include water buffalo relay and boiled cassava eating contest in the Prelims.

  3. For the “World’s Most Desirable Man” search, the fielding of JB is an eloquent statement that our concept of manliness is not just about physique and good looks but about educational attainment and active involvement in sports and fitness. With a Sports Science degree from the Philippines’ premier university and past active membership in the UP Men’s Baseball Team, this no-nonsense conversationalist is someone who can be a good role model for young boys aspiring to be somebody someday. I know his competitive spirit will bode well in the competition. Good luck, JB!

  4. Very good looking
    As for his hobbies , he must have money or grew up abroad

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