15 comments on “Emilia Dobreva of Serbia wins Miss Friendship International

  1. How they got he winners? After announcing of top 15 nawala ang fb live ng pageant nila. Any way. Its a good start for gab to try bbp. Ganda ng fez. Mala bianca umali. I always thinking bianca umali as our type of Filipina beauty that we should send in mu. And here is gab who is almost look like her. MUP/Bb reserba na yan!

  2. Pagtibayin ang pakikipagkaibigan ng bansang China sa mga ibang bansa yan ang layunin ng patimpalak. Papaano gagawin ni Miss Philippines upang matupad ang layunin ng bansang China na mapagtibay ang pagkakaibigan kung ang mismo ang China ang gumagawa ng alitan sa ibang bansa. Sinakop na ang isla na matagal nang pagmamay-ari ng Pilipinas. Ang likas na kayamanan ng mga isla ay gustong angkinin ng China. Saludo ako kay Miss Philippines kung mapapatigil niya ang China sa pang-angkin ng mga isla na dapat para sa Pilipinas. Isang hamon kay Miss Philippines mula sa nagmamalasakit sa bansang Pilipinas.

    • Blame Noynoy Aquino for selling it to China then filing a case against them at the UN who’s enforcers is also China.

      • Meanwhile the current president tucks in his tail & rolls over for China to tickle his stomach & yet somehow it’s still the former president’s fault that the current president is China’s bitch & does NOTHING to stop their encroachment in the West Philippine Sea?

        Walk like a ‘tard, talk like a ‘tard, must be a ‘tard.

    • Mi Querido Bellona,

      She is Miss Philippines, not Secretary of National Defense or Minister of Foreign Affairs. Her role is just to spread awareness. She has limited capacity to execute your request.

  3. So, there were two 1st runners-up, and three 2nd runners-up? What is the logic here?

    Perhaps they wanted to award four 3rd runners-up and five 4th runners-up but ran out of contestants!

    Pardon my sarcasm.

    Congratulations Gabrielle.

    • The logic is, if the girls are lucky maybe in the future all of them will place and no one will go home as clappers. Or possibly they’re bad at math, maybe rounded off all scores. lol

    • Pls stop throwing shade
      U know beauty is subjective
      To each his own
      Just be happy she made 2nd place
      Respect the decision of the judges

  4. nakakaloka naman to..dalawang 2ndRU, tapos tatlong 3rdRU..e di masaya lahat..

  5. Congratulations to my kababayan, Gabrielle Basiano from Tacloban City, Leyte for the 1st runner-up spot.

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