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  1. This reminds of a similar photo that Ahtisa had last year. Showing the lean and swan-like neck with all the facial features unhindered by the hair. Love it!

  2. Patch should wear every day couture. Remember kylie’s skirt na hinahawakan na parang poon ng mga japs?
    Im not a fan of pops but she is one likeable beauty like Sharon on their younger years. Patch can use that charm.

  3. With what’s happening in the world today, the “world peace and understanding” slogan gives MI one of the most relevant and timely advocacy platform for a pageantry organization. The once perceived trite “world peace and understanding” motto now becomes a pressing issue in a world that faces an existential threat not so much from conventional warfare but from economic and nuclear wars and the looming cyberwar. As one of the global organizations espousing the “peace” advocacy, MI needs an image model and spokesperson who can give its slogan a fresh, exciting and proactive dimension. It needs someone who knows and can articulate the gut issues on peacemaking. Finally, it needs someone who can give new meaning and perspective to the MI message and spur excitement and vigor to the MI platform. Patch is that beauty.

    • OMG! My comment was able to sneak in! Akishmet and/or Admin must still be sound asleep. It’s 10 p.m. from where I am, it’s 5:00 a.m. in Manila.

  4. ang galing talaga ni albert k..i wonder kung kelan ang part2 ng masterclass nya..dis time, i will sign up.

  5. Patch is a Chameleon…
    She is the total package who desserves to win Miss International.

    • I don’t know why insightful comments do not get posted, but trivial ones like this easily get through.

      • @ scorg Baka naman nagustuuhan ng #MagtanongBeautyandLawAssociates ang insights mo. And hijacked it, to pre-empt critics and spies. You should be happy. 🙂

      • @Flor
        I think you have to give me tips on why Akismet and/or Admin loves you so much. You are literally omnipresent in this blogsite. Is it your happy-go-lucky writing demeanor that camouflages the sometimes brutally frank potshots and razor-sharp pranks?

      • @Flor,

        Is hijacking of comments possible in this blog site? I just can’t think of a plausible reason why my comments are gunned down when they are absolutely not spam, and definitely not opinionated pieces to put down someone. Some of my comments have been quoted in some news releases, and sadly ascribed to another commenter (but I don’t mind nor do I care nor have time to investigate how it happened). But gunned down?

  6. Attorney NEEDS TO COME UP WITH A REALLY LOVELY WARDROBE for the Japanese Fall. Three names come to mind – Francis Libiran, Cherry Veric, and Mark Bumgarner.

    Absolutely NO Cary Santiago! NEVER forget Mariel’s blue cocktail “octopus” and charred Sarimanok NatCos!

    Ayon noon sa isa’ng tabloid, “Inalipusta pati ang mga isinuot, Mariel naging ‘thank you’ girl sa Miss International”.

    • Mariel would be a Thank you girl no matter what she wears… lets not forget Kris Janson’s best national Costume and Gazini’s best in evening gown were made by Cary Santiago.

  7. I’m not a fan of this look
    But her beautiful voice and good comm skills may give her the same outcome as Lara Quigaman at MI

  8. The eyes are DEAD

    The Facial expression is BANGAG

    Patch only has one look in all this Editorial Photos from Metro to the latest “Glam” shots and that is the look of BOREDOM



    Iba talaga tumira si Kurniawan. Siya din ‘yung 1960’s-Retro pink look, no, Mr. Blogger?

    Basta, HUWAG na HUWAG uulitin ‘yung look niya during the Screening (in the Pablo G. Mendez III “ribbon manga warrior”). Also, frizzy-curly hair makes her look like (older) Janice Dickinson.

    At the rate Albert is beautifying our queens, he should be conferred an honorific by the Republic.

    Cute pa naman, siya….

  10. Ugh, she’s beautiful but she has the exact same facial expression in most of her photos. Partly open mouth; sleepy eyes. She’s starting to bore me. Shake it up, girl!

    • @ Lily You saw that IG photo, po, of her, smiling with the Phoenix crown? And dimples. Is OK 4 u?

      • @Flor Tula: I just want to see more variety of looks from her… which I know she is capable of and look great in.

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