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  1. OT: Did anybody here spot Yedda Marie Mendoza Romualdez in SONA this late afternoon? For me, she was the most stylish persona in the event. Her dress fits Vogue, as if she was walking on the MET Gala event.

    That’s all.

    • It was a Cary Santiago Filipiniana…

      Next to Yeda would be Tootsie Angara.. a bit under-dressed but her simple ensemble would have looked amazing w/ voluminous ruffled tule fabric from the knee down.

      • Thanks for the info, C2F dahlin’. I agree about Tootsie’s ensemble. I think we both have good taste and are wavelength about fashion.

  2. @ Fabian Reyes Panganay ni Manny si Jimwell. And CONGRATS again to Team Pacquiao. 🙂

    @ Jane Points taken. And now taking into consideration “refocused on certain territories, … popular, relatable, and charismatic, … boils down to business…”, I am now all the more convinced of Pilya’s assessment that in the ASEAN at least it is Fahsai that constitutes a real threat to Gazini’s bid. And “Fred” will be granted safe passage into the Question Round.

    MI 2019 crown will either return to the Americas or make an Indonesian sandwich. Because despite Albert Kurniawan’s efforts on Attorney, we got comments that she (still) registers “boring, … sleepy”.

    Kasalanan ba ni Attorney na Pops Fernandez 2.0 siya? 😦

    JUZKO! Barring whatever “conflict” with Panama and Costa Rica Cat’s appearance at MUT brought, I am unsure now how MU will still be sustainable in Lat-Am. But yes! Cheslie Kryst will REVIVE interest on home soil. Paging MUO : suggest Far East tour for Maddison, Julia, and Gabriela by September.

      • @ 4M Please refer to Jane’s comment, below. Sorry for the late reply.

    • @flor. Jolene truly might win ang Ganda ng mukha and an engaging speaker. but admittedly patch looks beautiful on her recent appearances.tingin ko naman Albert is on the right track. Sa tingin mo patch can undergo what procedure so she won’t look sleepy?

      • Jolene is the one to beat right now. She is Miss International 2019. I have no doubt KF will train her to beat the A&Q candidate in Patch. And once Bea Santiago rewrites/polishes/enhances Jolene’s speech the way she did Kevin Lillana’s, Jolene will be miles ahead of everyone else. Congratulations to Indonesia & KF in advance.

      • @Bonsai Hater

        That’s what I thought…. KF will polish Jolene against our own Philippine bet… But I’m not that worried… I was told by my Indonesian friends that Jolene is a bitch in real life.. and her swèet girl next door image is only for show. We all know that Miss International has several hidden pre-lim tests to determine that and I am highly confident that they would sense the inner beauty
        in Patch who is naturaly kind and she would rise above all the other cotestants in that aspect.

      • @closer.. Ang kirot Lang na fellow Filipinos are building Patch nemesis.
        Jolene beauty wise is top notch even robato is raving about her..re the attitude I don’t want to judge them but our former mi winner Bea Santiago herself do have a strong personality so I doubt that mi will see through the inner self.
        Patch is lovely even when she speaks..she also listens well I want to listen. Sana dito mag build ang team aces. Wag tipirin ang damit ni patch come Oct. Couture couture

      • @trolling.. Forte ng KF ang mi. Yes I agree that we support fellow southeast Asians but they already won a crown. I also know we all do have to pay the bills and this is the camp passion. Wishful thinking magtulungan lahat sa ph rep win
        An Asian might win 2019. Rumor has it Ahtisa tops the pageant scores but they don’t want consecutive Asian win that’s why nanalo si aka caitlyn
        Jolene is Patch nemesis

  3. What is #MissGrandThailand talking about?
    Cat looks perfectly fine, not fat, not thin.
    She’s healthy and happy. The picture that
    they claimed Cat is fat was from when she was a teen.

    Obviously, #MissGrandInternational is so freaking
    envious, insecure, attention – seeking, desperate
    and wanting to be talked about by the pageant world.

    Unfortunately, Nawat failed miserably. His Miss Grand
    is of grandiosity, mediocrity, superficiality and just plain
    ignorant and undeserving of any attention.

    Cat continue to keep and hold your head high.
    Pag maraming bunga, maraming bumabato.

    I rest my case.


    • @ Piolo Milby Really?! I actually thought it was a relatively recent (circa 2017?) photo; I imagine Cat was slender, modelling in her teens…. Is it possible… that this was edited?

      Do not worry. No amount of skin-deep publicity will change the fact that Cat won MU.

      What gets me thinking is what appears to be a “Latina snub”, wherein (as we all noted) Cat has not been invited to the rapid succession of Americas Nationals. Costa Rica and Ecuador just a day or so ago! And again, Mariem Velazco took center stage (DISCLAIMER : am NOT hating MI 2018).

      Mr. Blogger, IS THERE A CLEAR AND PRESENT SECURITY CHALLENGE TO CAT IN LAT-AM? And, did Paula ask Akemi to send Mariem over to fill in?

      Could you confirm this with your contacts and frens there? Please? Thank you. And blog about it?

      • I doubt there is a snub or whatsoever. Clearly , the MUO has re-focused itself on certain territories and the price for its appearance is skyrocketing high. Imagine, you have a Miss Universe winner with almost 6.2 million followers in just barely 7 months ; very popular, relatable and charismatic. Whether you like Cat or not, surely all National Directors would want her to appear before their local pageant just for advertising purposes. Look what happened to Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia..they were all over the pages for news and tidbits when she crowned their representatives. Given that, I think it boils down to business and Catriona is surely bankable. Heck, she was even used by the cheap pageant MGI for their publicity purposes. Fact is, when she went to Thailand, I heard from credible pageant insiders it runs in conflict with Panama and Costa Rica. In sum, MUO nowadays, is totally different compared before. I am proud of what Catriona Gray has achieved..and she will soar more in the coming months ahead prior to her relinquishing the crown.

    • Publicity. Publicity. What better way to create noise for their “reality show” than to attack the ever popular Gray who is the winner of the most prestigious pageant of them all. Obviously, at that time..they were holding their event. Cat has been reigning 6 months now, only to choose this obvious time to open their freaking mouths..If that was not obvious, and planned..I do not known what.

  4. celebrating 50 years of PHs conquer of the universe coinciding with man’s landing on the moon..i just find it frustrating na very limited ang pageant photos ni madam na available sa net and chronicles of her reign..kahit homecoming parade nya, isang photo lang ang nakita ko from a compilation uploaded sa youtube..ang ganda pa naman ni madam noon..the epitome of a classic filipina beauty..haysst…

    • That was in 1969.
      Not much electronic communication back then.
      Savour whatever you have re: MU69.

      • i mean, wla man lang bang scrap book si madam on her one year stint as MU queen..before the advent of myspace, FB, and socmed? or photo album..she could have shared it to the public.

    • @ Fabian Reyes Senator is Beauty? 🙂

      Huwag, ka! Ampogi ni Jimwell. Ganda pa ng GF.

      He is represented by IMG in the USA, right?

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