16 comments on “The Waterlily-made Filipinianas of Miss Las Piñas Waterlily Festival 2019

  1. Ms. Farlin Baby Face has nice collarbones and looks like a mash-up between Leren & Jessica M.

    Admirable initiative, this sustainable “fabric”. But it registers precisely (for) what it is – lifeless dry fibers.

    Is it possible to elevate it to the level of “abaca” or “pinya” without entailing huge additional cost?

    • Las Piñas promotes the Water Lily (or Water Hyacinth to some) because the city has rich sources of the same.

      • “Lotus is the better alternative… its both edible & sustainable”… Marami po ba Lotus sa Las Pinas?? na pwede iPromote

      • The “Rich sources” is a problem that people needs to get rid of.

  2. Why is this pageant promoting ignorance?…
    Although it is equally foreign & invasive as the water lily.. The dresses are made of invasive foreign water hyacinth NOT water lilies… it’s bad for the environment and its a breeding ground of mosquitoes. The Lotus is the better alternative… its both edible & sustainable.

    • “The Lotus is the better alternative… its both edible and sustainable”… marami po ba Lotus sa Las Pinas na pwede nilang ipromote??

      • My point is it’s better to replace them with Lotus than promoting a highly invasive species that damages the environment. Yes, it is a usefull arts and crafts material but the species shouldn’t be romanticized like this. Instead, the pageant should also educate everyone about the damages it could cause which highly outweighs the benefits.

    • C2f, I don’t understand where that superiority complex is coming from . Just because u have access to Wikipedia does not make u an expert of anything . U should learn how to respect other people ‘s opinion no matter how u are opposed to it .

      • @Fabian

        Excuse me?.. It’s a global study, I’m not commenting here just to assert my “superior” knowledge about the topic… I am more concerned with our environment hence I believe that it is my responsibility to end the ignorance that is causing more suffering than anything beneficial.

      • Thank you for your enlightenment C2F. Your input is very apt and timely. The Philippines, and Las Pinas for that matter cannot and should not remain ignorant.

      • C2F is not pretending to be an expert. This whole charade is a mockery of your intelligence. You should be appreciative and grateful of her advice. Wake up. It will benefit you alot if you acquire new knowledge and think beyond barriotic ideas.

    • That’s the point. finding ways to reduce it by finding some good out of it.

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