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  1. She is #1 in majority of the predictions…

    Is this the 1st time we are sending a girl w/ this kind of academic credentials at MI?

    • @ Closer2Fame What about Guidotti? How does she stack up against Attorney?

      Leading the pack so early on is a tightrope act. Hope she can maintain it ’til the end without satiation (umay).

      Kylie was out of Missosology’s Final Five Prediction. And they claim to have unparalleled perspective on the pageant (through their Japan Group). Yet she won. 🙂

      IF SHE IS TO HAVE ANY REAL CHANCE. WE MUST ONCE AGAIN EXHIBIT UNANIMOUS support, as we did with Ahtisa and Kylie. Look what happened with Mariel…. MI org’s Admins are monitoring us.


      • Nope, even Guidotti is far behind…
        What I really notice about Kylie and Ahtisa…
        They were very kind, charming and understanding to everyone… Pre-lims had several hidden tests, some of which are recorded on camera that proves how much they are very desserving while some like Mariel Deleon failed misserably. Patch is naturaly kind and I know she would pass all those hidden tests w/ flying colors.

  2. I hope we realize that the photos above are intended for Metro Magazine, in that Patch had to strike a pose like a model and not as a beauty queen. Here, the photos actually appear to be in-between, so there is understandably a little awkwardness on the shots because Patch had to maintain her beauty queen aura. We have already seen her best look, especially the one she sported when she guested on TWBA, and I believe that her glam team has already taken notice of that.

    Be that as it may, I am keeping my faith on Patch. Initially, I thought she was not the Miss International prototype, but her demeanor is leaning towards becoming the next MI. With months left before she sets her feet on the Land of the Rising Sun, I believe her trainers won’t let any stone unturned by then. So, guys, don’t be hard on Patch. She is doing her assignment the way she prepared herself for the Bar Exam.

    I am actually seeing the 7th MI crown for the Philippines and this is too soon. Good luck, Patch!

  3. This sounds awful but … Whoever is doing the make up should un-mongoloid those eyes
    They need to do it now before it’s too late

  4. I think Attorney is definitely better than Mariel but she does not excite me the way Ahtisa does. I mean, just read the Ahtisa comments in the previous post on A&Q for MWP….

    AHTISA HAS A GLOBAL BEAUTY. Indian? During BBP 2018, one of us even said Armenian! And Pipe even made a performance video on her MI 2018 bid.

    Attorney needs to work the classy Asian charm to the hilt. The “Western” and “manga” looks are 😦

  5. Tingin ko Lang tinik Kay patch Yun Mexicana at si jolene. Tingnan nyo cv nun jolene may advocacy pa sya and active about elderly care. Mukha pang manyika si jolene. Kaya Kung we are aiming the 7th mi dapat kabugin nya Yun halfsie jolene at toscano
    To patch team ang Ganda ganda ni patch nun Eddie’s we are in right track but practice nyo din project at Kung OK sa mga japs ang prisoner welfare advocacy
    I soften nyo PA si patch manyika Yun padala ng shupit even robato is raving about her

  6. Katrina Dimaranan is on Love Island show here in the US.Its a reality about finding love in an island. She is one of the two new girl who is going to bring trouble on the existing partners. Hope she stays for a while

  7. Agree. Same projection nya eversince: the slight nganga + inaantok vibe…e ang ganda-ganda nya smiling and the look in her TWBA guesting…Hindi nmn din pangit ang naka-pusod or taas ang hair as kanya, bakit kaya lagi lugay at s gitna hati ng hair palagi?

  8. Gazini really is a better MU candidate than her. Patch beauty does not register as well on camera . She looks stiff, uncomfortable and pained in these shots .

  9. The MUP that got away…. win that 7th crown for the Pelepens!!! hihihihi

  10. second picture looks great, the first and third looks awkward. She does not need to lift her chic up (it makes her face smaller and neck super elongated)……..that’s just my observation 🙂

  11. She’s pretty.
    She has a tendency to look sleepy-eyed in photos though.

  12. I love Patch pero parang forced yung mga poses nya dito. Very unnatural. Her face is divine though.

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