6 comments on “Gabrielle Basiano for Miss Friendship International 2019

  1. A very talented yet beautiful and smart candidate from my City ” Tacloban” Hoping and Praying that she will get the crown for this International Pageant.. A big Goodluck Gab….
    Soon Mutya ng Pilipinas and Bb. Pilipinas a must try for 2020.

  2. The City of Tacloban and the province of Leyte has been sending Castilian-featured ladies at Bb. Pilipinas and Miss Earth Philippines such as:
    Ana Patricia Asturias – Bb Pilipinas 2017 & 2018 Top 25
    herself, Gabrielle Camille Basiano – 2018 Miss Earth Philippines Top 18
    Chelsea Fernandez – 2019 Miss Water Philippines
    Donna Lyneth Ceniza – 2019 Miss Earth Philippines Top 10

    Accdg to an article:
    “Tacloban is culturally and linguistically diverse. A decade before the end of Spanish sovereignty, it was largely a typical colonial community: most of its residents were either pure Iberian families or the new generations of Spanish-Filipino blood. Today’s population consists of a mix of Spanish and Chinese mestizos, foreign expatriates and native Leyteños.”

    • I forgot to include Samantha Kaye Avestruz of Barugo , Leyte (Bb Pilipinas 2018 candidate) who is another Mestiza-looking lady with a very Spanish surname.

      • The Asturias (a city in Spain), Basiano (Spanish brand wine), of course the many Fernandez of Spain and Latin countries, the Avestruz (translate into ostrich in Spanish) and the Ceniza (Miercoles de Ceniza – Ash Wednesday) and more….

      • Another article:
        “Spanish period
        The Spanish explorer Ruy López de Villalobos, first came to the island in 1543 and named it Las Islas Felipinas. When the Spanish government established government in Cebu, Leyte and Samar became part of the province of Cebu. In 1595, the religious Jesuits established mission in Carigara which preceded the mission established in Palo in 1596 and Ormoc and Alangalang missions in 1597. In 1735, Leyte and Samar were separated from Cebu to be established as a single provincial government with Carigara as the first provincial capital. In 1768, Leyte and Samar were split into two separate provinces.”
        “There are also some Spanish mestizos and some natives of the province who can understand and speak Spanish due to the province’s colonial history. Most Leyteños also can also speak and understand English.”

  3. Sa palagay ko mas maganda pa siya kaysa yung mga ibang nanalo sa Bb. Pilipinas 2019. Sa kanyang karanasan sa Miss Earth Philippines 2018, kakaibang kagandahan at tunay na tangkad 5′ 9″ sigurado na may pag-asa siyang mag-uuwi ng korona. Sana sumali ka sa patimpalak ng Bb. Pilipinas, malay natin mauwi mo ang korona ng Miss Universe Philippines.

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