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  1. Guys let’s not push the Ahtisa candidacy for MWP this year. Medyo malabo talaga yan. She’s currently under contract with the MIO and sabi ko nga sa IG I dont think Ahtisa is the type of pageant girl who would go on pageant hopping without formally completing her existing contracts and obligations. Earliest siguro na possible is next year, pero if this year malabo talaga

    • I agree… Ahtisa should join another year when her advocacy is strong and she is all geared up to win.

  2. Tito Norms, sana naman next tiime mag post ng picture piliin naman ang pic na may makatotohanang angulo. Very bad angle itong kuha na ito eh. Just saying…

  3. I agree… there is no contest… Michele Marquez Dee is already the Miss World Philippines 2019… and everyone else would just be fighting for the lower titles… the whole contest is just for formality.

  4. Oh no my Ahtisa, you know that Michelle Dee will be the favored one this year. I hope you join next year!!!

    • Michelle Dee is NOT favored. She is MWP na if she joins, kahit tumambling kalaban nya sa stage or mag win ng 3 fast tracks hindi parin nila kaya talunin ang manok/Talent ng Organizer ng MWP.

      • Kerek and I think she’s under A&Q so I dont know why they have to have both joining in the same year if one is going to lose to other other eventually….

    • 🤔 if ahtisa was one of those girls. San sya aa clue? She was runner up in international pageant and not national. Maybe sinadya gawing national. Or a reigning queen? Diba reigning queen means queen pa din this year tama ba? Athisa was already outgoing queen right? And isa pa diba mataas ang balikat ni ahtisa? So kahit nakatalikod makikilala sya sa balikat pa lang. pero if ever she join mwp this year. With michelle dee. Ahtisas highest title she fits is RH. 🤔 pwede din naman. Pero eco ang mataas sa rh ng mwp last year hihi baka this year din. Pero Mag ka crown man sya she can join mup naman feel ko mup na talaga next year wala na sa bbp. Pepero guys, relax. Si ahtisa may napatunayan na naman so may chance pa din for mwp kahit andyn si dee.

  5. Si Ahtisa Manalo? Wala s’ya sa mga hint. Si Ahtisa ay runner up sa internationa pageant hindi sa national.

  6. Agree! Athisa should join again, but not soon, she’s young pa naman, perhaps after a year or two, she should finish school and gain more life experiences, and build her credentials.

    • 20 is fine
      I just hope she joins MUP when it becomes an independent pageant
      This is unless she has an inside knowledge that any BP title holder won’t be allowed to join MUP
      Either way , it’s a risk . She will lose everything if she fails to place nationally or internationally .. just like what happened to Kat

  7. Wishlist ko si ahtisa manalo. Face face face. Kashmiri beauty bollywood si ahtisa

  8. I hope they all have gorgeous faces to compensate for their thunder thighs and backrolls… Special mention to the 2nd girl from the left.. She needs to work on her flat pancake butt… you’r welcome! 🙂

  9. Hahaha…care to guess who they are daw oh sabi ng blogger! It seems that no one cares and dares to guess! Wag ng manghula for 2 reasons:
    1) MW ang napaka-boring at pinaka-boring na beauty pageant. Kung BBP at MU ito for sure maraming followers ang agad-agad will write their guesses in comment section.
    2) Huhulaan pa ba eh sooner mare-reveal din naman dito sa blog na ito pati na rin sa channel 7 kasi sila yung official network para mag-air ng activities at finals night!

  10. Norman, who is left training the A&Q girls? Lola Jonas and Mama Ru left. I dont think Sigulanon is teaching the girls personality and pasarela..hihihihi

    • I really can’t name names, but they have some other members who are filling in the void including a few designers who supported them during Bb. Pilipinas 2019

      • I hope they do a relaunch and stop being on the down low since it does not look good to be honest.

  11. Isa pa itong papageant na to. Alam na nila na cooking show yang sasalihan nila pero basta lang may travel free and hotel accommodation sali parin basta free tour.

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