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  1. Last year’s MGT is way prettier!

    I still follow Alvin Sebetero; my current MGI 2019 Top 5 is comprised of Panama, Peru, Brasil, India, & Philippines.

    Trainors of Lo : FIND A WAY FOR SAM TO CONNECT WITH HOST VENEZOLANOS. That’s our chance! Anyway, she did say in an earlier interview that she is in touch with her Latiina roots.

    • Lo being half Latino might give her an edge to be embraced by mgi fans

  2. I think this is leading to her crowning as Miss Grand International. I see a scenario where she will make it all the way to the final 5 and her final question will be about ‘body shaming”. She will then dramatically ask for forgiveness for what she has done, and her scripted act of contrition will be enough to win the judges’ hearts and votes.

  3. She’s not on natural beauty as God created human being in and out….She’s more on repair…. rejuvenation….FAKE appearance…same as herself character and attitude….she doesn’t deserve this title….

  4. Oh my god she is the winner now as Miss MGI
    Let see kong manalo sya maldita ang dila

  5. she did not deserve a space in your blog tito norms. she’s a prostitute, a mistress of satan (nawat).

  6. sir norman ask ko lang po. nabasa ko po dati sa blog nyo about your bb pilipinas international prediction na isa sa vicki rushton sa 3 wishlist ng miss international org. sino po ung 2 pa na nasa wishlist nila?

  7. si nawat talaga ang may plano ng lahat! inutusan nya lang yang si clara sosa about dun sa cooking show post nun at itong si coco sa fat issue with our queen cat! pathetic nawat buti na lang marami siya budget para maitawid ang mgi! bbp should drop the franchise to this garbage pageant sayang lang ang mga girls na ipapadala natin from bpci! si coco ang magiging mgi 2019! planado na lahat! have you seen coco’s reaction nung iaanounce na winner halatang acting na acting!

  8. Di ko kinukunsite ang body shaming but I feel she already got the retaliation ng mga tao. Mas mabuti wag na Lang pansinin si nawat wag na tayo magalit Kay girlet baka sadyang pintasera at childish sya.
    5 years Lang contract ni nawat w bbp so we don’t know Kung mag extend

  9. Bakit kailangan pang pag-aksayahan ng panahon ang patimpalak na ito. Ano ba ang adhikain ng patimpalak kundi itigil ang digmaan sa mundo . Kung ilan ng dekada na pinag-aaralan ng mga bihasa kung papaano makakamtam ang kapayaan pero wala pong nangyari. Sana ipadala si Nawat sa Iran, Iraq at Afghanistan at doon niyang papanindigan a ng kanyang hangarin na magkaraoon ng kapayapaan sa mundo.

  10. Wag po magulat if mag apologize yan in the future and then play the victim role by accusing netizens of bullying her as well 😶

    • Same thought. Ganyan ang plan nila nawat at coco. Obvious naman diba. Dahil alam nila kailangan magpatawad. Everything was planned and now pa lang success sila. And since mgi is the ist pageant to be happen before mu. Nawatt will make her win. That nawatt knew that fahsai could win In mu. So dadagdagan nya ang crown ng thai bukod sa mu. Para makuha ang supports ng thais. Question is maging proud kaya ang mga thais if coco wins?

  11. Nawatt is a Sociopath… it just happens that he has a lot of budget… I wonder upto what extent can he stir the pot and dig his own grave.?

  12. Que horror!! Binibining Pilipinas should drop the franchise of this cheap pageant with its delusional owner!

  13. Oh puhlease. She is not even in the same league as Cat. Cat is Miss Universe and she is only Miss Grand Thailand. Cat couldn’t be bothered. It’s like Michael Jordan caring what a barrio backyard basketball player has to say about his talents. Win Miss Universe first then maybe we’ll care about what you think… otherwise, STFU, twit.

    • Super perfectly said!!! 😊😉😚😙😃😂😄🤣😁😎😀😝

    • This girl is garbage, wanting to be recognized as valuable as Cat.
      The owner of the pageant is a dumptruck, throwing the garbage to the public for hellish incineration.

      The nerve of the pageant owner asking help from Cat! You have started the cooking show, you serve and finish all of the dish yourself.

  14. Evidently, Nawatt is leaving no stone unturned to drum up interest in his MGI org, hence, all this publicity stunt, at the expense of our Queen Cat ! Pathetic move, but, nonetheless, good luck Miss Grand Thailand 2019. Let’s see how far Nawatt uses you to his (dis) advantage. It all remains to be seen 🙂

  15. Nakakaloka ang ways ni nawatt for publicity. He choose the bad ways. Iba ang katalinuhan nitong nawatt na ito 😂 sobrang layo sa matinong katalinuhan. His statements about to this issue is contradicted sa theme ng advocacy nya.

  16. I have yet to see her performance
    But her reaction alone when she was announced as a winner … was unbecoming of a beaut queen
    She may win MGI but not a major major pageant

  17. Not surprised. Galing ng ginawa nya para mapansin ni nawatt. What she did is swak n swak sa panlasa ni nawatt. Ganyang attitude hinahanap nya eh. Nagka points ang mgi sa media so as for pasasalamat he gave the crown to her 😆.idk pero feel ko gagawin nyang room mate is coco at sam lo 😆

  18. So this is the main test to win Miss Grand Thailand.
    Who among the contestants is desperate enough to win the crown that she is willing to do any publicity stunt asked by the owner no matter how distastefull it is. Congratulations, you really are desserving of that disgracefull title.

  19. The undesirable “fruit” fell off the tree. Apparently, it didn’t tumble very far.

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