7 comments on “Kylie & Jake: How it all started

  1. Bagay sila
    I just don’t know how far this will go since Jake’ s career is very unstable. Will she follow Damiles’ footsteps or will she take the high road Walked on by Lara and Nina Ricci ?

  2. Young love, with the sweetness of complimenting one another, between two “trophy-prized-looking” individuals is beautiful in 2019.

    But true love, through life’s adversities, trials and tribulations will be defined if Kylie and Jake are still committed and married to one another in 2069…battle scars and all.

    This is the beginning BUT can the “finish” well?

  3. Kylie is forever a class act. Look how beautiful and radiant our MI 2016 still is!

    All the best with her beau.

  4. Before kylie, bb pilipinas beauty queen din ang gf ni jake diba?
    Bakit kaya sila nagbreak…
    Gaano katagal psgkatapos ng break, bago pumasok sa eksena si kylie?

  5. Spanish halfie pala si Jake…

    TAMA ang Pilipino Star Ngayon! “Bago na-in love ng todo, Kylie diri’ng diri kay Jake” (or similar).

    TAMA! Men merely require food, bathing, & cuddling. Like his bes – dawgs. (WOOF!) 🙂

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