10 comments on “Gazini Ganados by BJ Pascual

  1. defying the odds, defying gravity, … if Stefania Fernandez could do it , Gaz can do it !!!

  2. This upside down pose would have looked better if she wore a one piece catsuit and her leg was straight, well extended, and sharply parallel to her forearm and other leg.

  3. With all due respect, with their track record from their last three MUP proteges (09, 14, & 16), I’m more concerned of the pressure -by defacto- placed on the KF camp for the stunning Gazzini to finish in the top 5/final 3 result. Compared to A&Q they have been pretty underwhelming at MU.

    Hopefully these photos do not define of what is to come.
    Sorry, but all in ❤.

    • The close up is beautiful, but her photo lying on her back makes her look like a human pretzel.

      • Beautiful in the first pic, but she looks like Patch more than herself there.

  4. Veneers din pala si Gazini, yung tipong hindi mo masirado bibig sa sobrang laki

    To her handlers, I know MJ is and will be your Miss U Prototype but please do not change Gazzini’s look to make her MJ’s twin as you did with Rachel


  5. The girl doesn’t need gimmicky pics like this. Paging the stylist, did you not see how her bodysuit creased at all the wrong places with those poses. Banamyan.

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