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  1. These girls above were the 1969 Ten Best in Swimsuit. There was a category like that in those days… I miss Bob Barker. I hope they do some nostalgic production in the 2021 MU (70th). Who is that brunette behind Brazil ? The blonde behind Yugoslavia is I think Norway. Miss Japan who garnered 4th runner up did not make it to this group of 10.

  2. My comment looks like didn’t get through as well. What’s going on, Sir Norman ? 😦

  3. @ just saying and @ scorg You, two, have been in the blog long enough to glean what is REALLY happening (to your comments). And us scumbags are confident you will know what to do. Clue : up.

    • I’m afraid I really don’t know Flor Tula. It has only been a couple of threads where this had occurred. Hmmm?

      Now this has happened to Ana Winter too.

  4. Ano bah yan😄
    Kahit dito may fake news with drama effect☺
    Hindi naman sila kamag-anak ni Ma. Ressa hihihi😆cherette

  5. Miss Universe 1969 was the first edition to introduce single final question and sound proof booth. This round proved to be a game changer (although it was already introduced at Miss USA few years back), one mistake could change the entire game.

      • I write serious stuff, something that I hope will add variety to the colorful sometimes irreverent gay speak in this blog, something that I hope will enable me to share info and insights on pageantry from the vantage point of someone in the business profession. My comments are absolutely not spam for them to be gunned down by Akismet. In my busy office work, I don’t have time for that. Writing my short commentaries in this blog has been sort of a sporadic escape from the tedium of corporate life. But there had been many comments I posted that did not get in. I wonder why.

      • Sometimes I begin to think Admin favors nasty comments that will spark off a heated exchange of comments. Serious comments don’t generate traffic.

      • Thanks, Norman. I hope you will look into this. I believe it is important that more insightful comments from Ana Winter, Just Saying, and others who I think just do not complain, get posted too. The ability to present the diverse views of your readers, in the language each commenter is most comfortable with, is what appeals this blog to most people. That’s why I think this blog has a wide readership spectrum.

    • Same here. I was supposed to be the first commenter here when I posted my comment, but I am not seeing my post. Natatamad na tuloy ako mag-visit dito at mag-comment na rin ng insight ko.

      • Ana Winter,

        I hope you will not be discouraged. You are one of the few insightful commenters in this blog. Yours and a few others add balance to the many colorful and horrendous entries here that I assume were for pure entertainment. Let us maintain one of the selling points of this blog post– the ability to attract readers from all walks of life, from parlorista to palengkera to collegiala to office employees to…

    • I believe that the comments are subjected to approval. My posts also have some delay.

      Honestly, I feel that at time my comments are not welcome or it feels that this blog favor a particular training camp. I hope that it does not…

      • Thanks for the reply, Norman. You have a very strong following and that is big plus for you and your personal brand. Maintain the natural tempo of your blog (coming from a digital marketer. Baka mahirap i-reverse na pag nadala. Baka di na bumalik). But as you said, hindi naman at maaring merong glitch from the blog or akisme just in case.

        Ang local pageant scene naman na ngayon ay hindi na ganon kabangis…ung ibang bansa ganon.

  6. May himala pa rin kahit pa napapaligiran ng magaganda c Gazini Basta galingan lang nya sa SS at EG + Q&A divahhhh B2B na yan mga teh☺hihihi

  7. Lordy. That’s got to be the worse Top 5 Q&A round ever. Everyone sounded like a dingbat. Japan and Finalnd were gorgeous. Philippines at least sounded the most articulate.

    • Ms. Philippines was the most confidently beautiful… And it’s an easy question for her who comes from a country w/ the most hospitable people in the world.

    • Definitely Q&A wasn’t as important as it is now….they had terrible short answers and wasn’t compose delivering their answers (especially Australia)….Findland’s answer was good but she played too coy….Philippines was good and articulate and definitely delivered in full sentence. Japan was cute.

      That’s lady commentator was quite annoying for me. When she said that she got 3 out of 5 finalists (i’m pretty quite sure she picked the three white girls for sure….lol)

  8. Ang statuesque ni USA, Peru & Yugoslavia pero natalo sila ni exotic Philippines.

    • ..one of the the candidates did not make it to the top 5, but went on to win miss world of 1969..that’s miss austria…

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