9 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas Globe 2019 Leren Mae Bautista and her latest photoshoot

  1. That color suits her. Go to this color for her final gown. But i think almodal should dress her on finals. Some say shes not that de calibre in beauty and other factors. So go to almodal gowns with full of swarovski crystals. For sure aangat sya don. But will sma choose to buy a yayamanin gown just for the lower pageant?

    • That’s not the right question to ask. Ang dapat ay “Will SMA choose to buy a gown from Leo Almodal?” di ba may chenelin si Madam sa kanya since MJ at Janicel pa? nagkapatawaran na kaya sila?

  2. Yun facial shape ni leren parang Yun mga babae sa Morocco. Morrocan ladies are gorgeous

  3. Great ensemble… Im just bothered w/ her hairstyle.. it makes her head look big… Pag fashion shoot tapos whole body.. make her face/ head look smaller… either through angle of the camera, posing, hairstyle, size of heels, or simply tilt your head upward.. etc.. 8heads to 9 heads dapat ang peg..

    The leg extension would have been more effective if it was pointing between 45 to 25 degrees from the camera .

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