8 comments on “The Bb. Pilipinas 2019 Queens for Metro Magazine

  1. facila beauty-wise , Leren is definitely way way better than Samantha and Resham but of course these latter two can talk their heads off … I hope it benefits them in Grand Intl and Supra, specially Grand Intl

  2. Nilamon silang lahat ni SAM LO!!! Sumobra ata sa colagen ang leps ni Gazini pabawasan mo yan day, dagdagan ang intelligence

  3. Mga comment dito daming alam ano eto pagalingan mag critique may award ba na makukuha? Mag saing na kayo! Gutom na mga amo ninyo!

    • @ BeReal Out of town, po, sila. “Di bumili ng bigas. Gutom ako. Huuuuhuhuh…. 😦

  4. I feel Sam lo should not be sent to the pageant that leaves a bad taste in the mouth.Ganda ng feslak at angas ni Sam lo Mala full throttle. Sana matapos na contract ng bbp. I was thinking before maarte at mapili si angkol Kaya di mauwi uwi Yun kadenang ginto but seeing his recent behavior wala na ako masabing positive. Worse come to worse Sana pwd sumali uli Yun mga nagka crown na
    Actually I was wishing Emma is mgip kasi near perfect proportions and Sam is mic for bk to bk kuda but now kahit dyosa pa ng kalawakan padala natin

  5. Guys, yaman rin lang at hindi na sa MI si Emma, KYLIE VIBE IS NOW UTTERLY ANNOYING.

    Jake Cuenca accepts no substitutes. 🙂

    I instead recommend a 1970’s Asian femme fatale : Vidal Sassoon asymmetric bob and a look comprised of shiny leather (like in those action-thriller flicks with an Oriental bad-a_s chick), Singapore Airlines stewardess’ kebaya, and Cathay Pacific structured pieces, poised for INTERCONTINENTAL conquest! Why? Ms. Tiglao’s FEZ is SO STUNNING it is impossible to over-style.

  6. Emma, Samantha and Gazini are all serving face..
    I notice Patch keeps on tilting her head up.. Why? To show her neck that is already long to begin with? Tilting her head up makes her eyes look sleepy… IMO, she should have stared directly at the Camera with a smirk on her face. Meanwhile, sitting in a ball gown makes Gazini look like a midget… She should have either been styled w/ a gown that shows off her long legs or she could have lifted a portion of the skirt and extended her leg on the floor 45° towards the camera. Samantha’s pose was a bit safe but her face nailed this shot. I wish Emma’s leg was not bent but overall, she’s the best in this pic- face, body and styling.

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