20 comments on “Janelle Tee wins Miss Philippines Earth 2019

  1. Sadly, those ugly platform shoes are here to stay.
    At least you can gauge a pageant girl’s taste level or lack of taste, with the type of shoes she’s wearing 😶

  2. I appreciate the experimentations made to observe the cause of the pageant pero sana wag nila gawin sa Miss Earth.. surely hindi pa handa ang mundo sa ganyang set up mas bet pa din nila ang showmanship. And I agree on the post above paranparang hindi naman need ng separate pageant ng mpe sana mag merge nalang sa ibang national pageants like Miss World Philippines (together they ster they stabd a better chance againts Bb Pilipinas or better yet join nalang sila sa Bb Pilipinas (kaso baka sa sobrang gaganda ng Bb Pilipinas candudates lalo dumami miss earth crowns natin).

    • Miss Earth pageant is different organization where MPE belongs. Di mo pwede i merge ang MPE sa Bb. Pilipinas or MWP kasi po part po siya ng Miss Earth pageant. Kaloka!! Hahaha. Never yan mangyayari! Mabuti sana kung di Pinoy ang may-ari ng Miss Earth na pwede kunin Stella Marquez or Anold Vegaria ang Philippine franchise diba pero FYI Miss Earth and Miss Philippines-Earth iisa lang may-ari si Lorraine Schuck.

      • @ Catriona It’s not actually unusual for industry competitors to provide products and services to one another if benefits are mutual and their industry profits as a whole. In its extreme form, they form a cartel. And we all know the bosses are mutual friends in real life. And if doing so will improve their industry both in general and in the long-term, why not?

        The local petroleum industry is a good example; both big and small players are “in touch” .

        Paula, Akemi, Julia, Lorraine, Gerhardt, and Nawatt at high tea…. Mdme. Stella will host. 🙂

  3. She looks like Karen Ibasco. Lakas talaga ng kamandag ng babaeng yon hanggang 2019 naghahasik parin ng lagin. Charot. Kaloka. Yun yun eh.

    • that was my first impression..only that i forgot the name of that b@#*$& yesterday..haha this is really spot on.

  4. Winners look good, bad the production went very bad. Parang pageant lang na pang-mall ang production. I am seeing the natural death of this pageant soonest.

    That’s all!

    • @ Ana Winter I have proposed a solution before – Carousel could give the Philippines franchise to an already established Nationals, such as to Mdme. Stella, Ms. Cory Q., or even ALV.

      1. They make some money from the deal. And SAVE MONEY, as the separate MPE becomes unnecessary.
      2. Carousel can then focus on a truly exceptional ME year after year.
      3. Concerns of “cooking” can be minimized, if not eliminated altogether (see Samantha and Ryan’s comments, below).

      Congratulations, Ms. Tee! You now join LemonS and Ayamazing as an embodiment of the mythical nymph that walks the banks of the river that gave its name to the city you represent. However, “The Green City” program was a brainchild of the Eusebio administration. So I hope Vicco Boy has an alternative. 🙂

    • Ang OA mo girl! Nag eexperiment lang ang Miss Earth Philippines ng new venue, natural death agad? Haha! kaloka ka!

  5. Win na naman to nang Miss Earth kung walang pipigil kay Lorraine and her cohorts hahahahaha!! Which makes her the what? 7th hometown girl to win right?

  6. Ang ganda ni Karen Ibasco. Nasa styling lang talaga and magaling sya as one of the hosts.

    Congrats Janelle Tee!!!

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