19 comments on “The Mr & Ms Chinatown Philippines 2019 Official Candidates

  1. Facewise, it’s between Jonah Chantong and Kevin Pascual for the guys….

    For the girls… Lorraine Cho seems to be the most commercial.

  2. Waldron Lee?
    Tito Norman , I’m intrigued by his first name
    Do you know where that name came from?

    • Waldron is actually a name with Germanic origin which combines “foreigner” and “raven”. The Fil-Chinese families usually give strong first names to their children that sound unique.

  3. Pretty naman is Ate Zofie❤️❤️ Most definitely you will get that 👑

  4. Zofie Zeng looks way better than that picture😅😅 she’s prettier in person, She’s kind and clever plus I think she deserves to win Ms China 🇨🇳. I hope she can win!!! I’m rooting for you my idol❤️❤️

  5. Amara mestisa vs Chelsea Chinese looking beauty
    Jonah filipino Chinese looks vs benzi Chinese looking

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