6 comments on “Our Queens on The Bottomline with Boy Abunda

  1. I just want to say this and hopefully it will be taken constructively. Problema kasi sa mga empowered be_i’s, masyado’ng sensitive…

    Yaman rin lang na MU lang ang talaga’ng charity works-driven in concrete ways, JazzyGaz needs to be able to discuss her advocacy in depth and at length, if necessary. Without having to go into specifics, I think we all can agree that there are now MANY programs and initiatives in place, both in public and private sectors, to ensure quality life for old people in the country. Beyond mere fondness for grandparents, the SUBSTANCE/CONTENT may be gleaned from geriatric care professionals; MUP & BPCI should be the ones to link her to the pertinent organizations.

    For example, what would she say when folks at a care facility for elderly say (to her), “… I have become a burden to my children….. I am now all alone…. That’s why I am here…. Irrelevant…. Useless, even to my myself…. etc. etc.”.

    @ jaretwrightlover As for Rae and Sam’s casual “street” swagger, that’s not their fault, it is not illegal, don’t take it against them. They had a Western upbringing and endured some bumps along the way. As Michelle Van-Eimeren once pleaded with Philippines mass media alarmed with her brutal honesty, it’s simply the way Westerners are and is never (intentionally) meant to offend. Because if you tell the two to tone down, you merely break their spirit and stifle the wit and spontaneity that keeps these informal interviews enjoyable.

    @ Fabian Reyes If Attorney Patitay bags corona numero siete, it will simply be because the PonJap will be enthralled by how she effortlessly combines intelligence and humility. Just like a Zen monk. 🙂

  2. Emma stood out ; Emma and Gaz both ; they are queens ; I’m afraid to say that Samantha and Resham sounded like they are still just Bb contestants , still without crowns

  3. Patch is really fit for Miss International. I hope she will not Comment anymore sa mga threads like what she did sa comment ni punyetang cardi sa ig. Naiinis ako sa mga ganong comment ni cardi kahit walang sinabi masama si patch its not good for a queen to comment like those. I understand the grabe mumsh but its obviously referring to jolene na pasayawin sya ng boom tarat tarat. That boom tarat tarat is a funny dance but i understand why patch. laughed. Coz that dance is so fun. Kaya lang for the side of her bashers bad attitude ang kinalabasan sa kanila. Ayun may pa tag tag pa ang kapitbahay sa mio. Plus may na award pa sa thread ng mi page. Jusko. Anyway. I like patch current short hair. I wonder what style they are planning for her. Ganyan kaya or its good to style her hair retro in modern looks. Kayo ano bet nyo for patch over all look and gown for the finals. Ikaw po sir norman whats your good idea for patch?

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