14 comments on “Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach by BJ Pascual

  1. I love these photos. With that stunning face, Pia is definitely sexy without even trying. She is no longer Miss Philippines nor Miss Universe. Post her reign, she should now gear up her modelling career (especially on the international front). She needs to cater to multiple audiences (including hot blooded men if you will). It’s a career and one has to redefine oneself to stay relevant. Supermodels like Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell did “skankier” poses (so to speak), the latter having even posed nude in all her glory in Playboy Magazine. Her modelling stint has persisted for over 3 decades. People who take risks are usually more successful. Those who don’t are relegated to oblivion.

  2. I dont see bakit kayo nalalaswaan sa photos ni Pia. I mean she’s not even showing that much skin on it. And I think the poses and the shots were tastefully done. I especially love the last photo.

    I mean, ewan ko na lang ha. Kung nalalaswaan na kayo jan sa shots ni Pia, pano pa tong mga pica pica ni Iris.


    • Unorthodox. I am not a fan of both Pia’s and Irene’s poses. Next.

  3. The first and the last pictures, I LOVE. The other two, not as much.

  4. If jn the future the panel of MU judges are all hot blooded heterosexual men, then these are perfect poses and positions for the contestants during their closed door interviews. 😊

    It’s important that one always looks at the glass half-full.

    I still and forever will love Pia! Beautiful as ever!

  5. Eto ah tagalugin ko na lang ah. Parang itong panalo ngaun at itong si Pia parang napapatalbugan na mahalay na kuha. Ewan ko ba?

    Anu ba? Tigilan nyo na yan…

    At para sa mga photographers, hindi nyo pa skill ang kumuha ng ‘tasteful’ photos. Malaswa pa rin.


    • Mahalay? This targets beauty pageant fans who are mostly women and want-to-do be – women .
      So this is mainly for art sake. If u don’t appreciate it , It’s your problem

      • Don’t get me wrong on Pia. She has the X Factor. The way that the photographer let her pose is edging to distasteful. Your objective can still be achieved in other ways. I am not the only one who noticed this. Pakitikum lang konti. The photographer should have advised her. It was awkward. Kelangan ng Alexander technique.

  6. Pia it’s not becoming. You are a miss universe to start w.

  7. Fangit girlah. Skanky ang dating.

    Did Pia have lip fillers done?

    The pisitioning of the legs is too wide. Parang kalatapos lang niyang mag hip buster.

    Not sold to this. It’s supermodel of the underworld

  8. Is she advocating traditional birthing method? If she is then i don’t mind the poses. Otherwise it looks dirty.

  9. Is this supposed to emulate the “In the Closet” music video?

    If so, dapat barefoot. And there should somehow be props to frame her.

    Kulang. Bitin. Looks tentative.

    • That’s the same video that came to my mind. Very 90’s Naomi.

      I have to give it to Pia though, the girl knows how to serve face. I’m forever grateful she snatched the crown after a loooong drought.

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