6 comments on “Kim Covert is Miss Multiverse Philippines 2019

  1. Isn’t this the pageant won before by Patricia Tumulak?

  2. Isn’t Punta Cana in Dominican Republic the holiday destination that has been in the news lately related to the alleged mysterious deaths, and serious unexplained illnesses, of several American tourists? If my recollection is correct, recent CNN news reported this as the spot where several American tourists have allegedly contracted a serious illness, leading to the death of some, and a lifetime physical health problem to others. I hope nothing untoward happens to the participants in this event.

  3. Punta Cana?

    This isn’t the same organization as Men Universe Model, is it? The one Denver Hernandez first joined?

    Btw, Mr. Blogger, what’s the update on Pauline Amelinckx? Hope spelling is correct.

    • Her contest in Korea has no certainty of pushing through just yet. I will update as soon as something more concrete comes up.

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