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  1. she looks naturally beautiful i like her alot i hope she reconsiders and join again sayang talaga….

  2. Well i’m sadden that she didn’t not even make it to TOP 25, along with Nic Guerrero (both girls have credentials and culturally well rounded), however, this is a beauty pageant and to be honest, there are girls who are facially superiors than the others participants and that is why they made TOP 25. When Julia mentioned this comment……..”It’s part of a system of lip service, appearances, and politics, where ideas and values are relegated second-best to business, sponsor influence, money, and clicks. If we want a better, more inclusive, stronger Philippines, then we need people to stand up and speak out on these shortcomings”……..this made her sound more like a cry baby. Hello Julia, you joined a BEAUTY PAGEANT…….some girls just happened to outshine you . Maybe try next year and be prepared. ⠀

  3. Her exclusion in the top 25 was highly unexpected. I thought it was already given since day 1 that she will make it and no question about it at all. I really felt sorry for the outcome of her pageant journey. Judging is still subjective although there are sets of criteria that makes it objective. Binibining Pilipinas is a prestigious pageant, even recognized internationally, transparency of the result should be implemented. However, it is not about beauty and brain after all. Attitude plays an important role and I can only assume that this is where she might fell short of. I’m not saying that Julia has a negative attitude. Her strong character as a woman of power and brilliance plus to include her great accomplishments might have been perceived negatively by the judging panel and the Binibining Pilipinas organization creating a not so good impression of her. She might just be true to herself, acting without any pretentious. This is a competition, sometimes you just need to tailor your personality in a way to please people around you.

  4. Does anyone have a pic of her during the EG competition
    I can’t find any

  5. Full-body shots… one foot forward pointing at camera… hands on the waist to make it look smaller… bite deep.. lift head quarter angle… look at the camera.. practice practice practice..

  6. Pakinisin ang legs… ipaRF yung cheeks and gilid ng nose… learn to put on make up that would your eyes look bigger…. make your boobs look bigger… more butt workouts… replace any carbs w/ yams… eat tons of kangkong and avocados… have your eyebrows threaded and feather tatood… get your smile fixed…. practice on the pasarela and facial projection… I hate your fake smile.. make it look more natural specially during the transition…. trainning trainning trainnng pls!!!

  7. I would love to see her again, pero girl, do naman your home work, better pasarela, work on your body, and styling….dapat total package. And i know naman you can do better next time. Gusto ko masurprise sayo next year or sa MWPhilippines!!! Better join a camp dear

  8. Mademoiselle, (your) brutal honestly is easily misconstrued as presumption if not outright arrogance in these parts, unfortunately.

    This is evident enough every National Election. “Ti_s, tots, and tears sell”, as the saying goes.

    Exact your vengeance by aligning with kindred souls in this blog and others. And offer pageantQ&A training modules to rival Silverlinings and the “campos”. Your hurt is palpable. Use it to DEBUNK and REDEFINE.

    Said Coco Chanel to Mdme. Jacqueline in the Karl Lagerfeld short film, “The Return”,…

    “…We will start again! Because I know I’m right”.

  9. While BPCI had campaigned for this “beyond beauty” theme, we should not forget that BbP is still a beauty pageant with a purpose, where women of exemplary influence who happen to be beautiful are crowned.

    As soon as Julia manifested her interest to join BbP via this Blog, I initially thought that she would make it in the rooster of stunning beauties during screening. I find her beautiful. She even impressed me with her awesome stage presence during press conference. I thought she would get one of the six crowns.

    However, Julia plateaued amidst the competition while other candidates started to rise up on to their peak. Those candidates showed the real deal and fought hard in the battlefield, displacing Julia.

    I was just disheartened that Julia failed to make it in the top 25, considering the fact that she could conveniently dominate the preliminary interview. As regards facial beauty, I would just understand that there were a lot of beautiful girls in this batch who blocked her chances in the semifinals. If the last BbP edition were in the 90’s era of beauty pageants, then I’d say she would easily get one of the top crowns.

    Believing how strong Julia is, I know she quickly recovered. Good luck on your future endeavors, Julia!

    • Ana Winter, I agree with your analysis. But there’s the rub: the outcome of the “beyond beauty” campaign of BPCI still did not shatter the antiquated Western superficial view of femininity. If aspirants with high academic, professional and athletic credentials like Julia did not even make the first cut tells a lot about empty sloganeering. It obviously was not “beyond beauty” but still was a celebration of “physical beauty”.

      • I could not agree more, Scorg. BPCI’s “beyond beauty” slogan should be quantified in its announcement of its first cut, and we would expect Julia to be in there.

  10. She should join Miss World… she would have a great chance of placing if its held in China.

  11. I hope she joins MUP next yr .
    And I hope she uses the next several months to experiment on the style that works best for her … and that she joins a camp because I think it will help her being a newbie .
    I saw her in SW on finals night . She looked amazing to me . To this point , I still do not understand why people say she is not pretty enough . If Aya Patch Syed and Leren are pretty enough , Julia should be pretty enough to be a winner

    No to MW pls . It’s boring and does not have the gravitas of MU . I would rather her join MGI . At least , it has the drama that perks up people ‘s interest

  12. I think she should join MWP and almost perfect for MW. She won’t win MW but she will definitely place She has a higher chance of winning Asia Pacific International , so she may also join Miss API Philipp.

  13. Sa palagay ko naman hindi niya kailangan pang sumali sa mga walang katuturan na patimpalak. Sa kanyang antas ng kanyang pinag-aralan malayo ang kanyang mararating. Bakit ipagsapilitan ang sarili sa mga patimpalak kung may kakayahan ka naman na magtagumpay na kahit walang korona. Ilan ba sa mga beauty titlist ang masasabing nagtagumpay? Yung iba diyan na beauty titlist hanggang telebisyon na lamang o hindi naman naging pangalawang asawa o mas masahol pa libangan ng mga politko. Huwag mong sayangin ang oras mo sa patimpalak. Be your own boss. Sabi nga nila “Why work to make someone else successful when you can work and make yourself successful.”

  14. She really does not need pageants or a crown as a springboard to be successful in her life’s endeavors. She’s talented, intelligent and driven. She can cross off “pageants” from her bucket list and look at it her participation this as a golden opportunity to add to her character

    A crown does not guarantee success. Speaking of which, I hope Imelda Schweighart, Miss Earth Philippined 2016, is doing well these days She was a mess.

    All the best Ms. Saubier. Keep on keeping on.

  15. off topic mga beks, how tru na nagsanib pwersa daw ang kf, a&q and silverlinings para itrain ang gazini? bongga if totoo

    • too good to be true especially that Lola Jonas is now the creative director for Miss Universe Singapore… hihihihi…

  16. She’s too good for pageants.

    But still, I would love to see her fight once more for a crown and shake up the standards of beauty.

    • We need people like Julia to shake up the standards of beauty. For too long we have been relegated to the physical dimension of beauty where there is no universal standard. The intellectual and character dimensions seem to be ignored when these basically are what the slogans “confidently beautiful” and “beauty with a purpose” communicate.

      • Empty slogans apparently.

        Can’t blame people being easily drawn to FORM. But what they usually miss is the SUBSTANCE.

        This lady is one of the very few who has both.

  17. If the recent Binibini edition is to be the basis, Julia’s outstanding multi-dimensional brand of beauty seems to be still a revolutionary proposition in the political economy of beauty pageants in the country. Her exclusion in the top 15 shows the yet pervasive hegemonic one-dimensional imagery of beauty in the Philippines, an offshoot of the West’s commanding gaze on which is beautiful and which is not. I hope she makes another trailblazing attempt– at the MW this time—which proclaims the mantra “beauty with a purpose”.

  18. She really has a very beautiful, perfect caucasian nose that she got from her adoptive french father.

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