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  1. I want a black woman to win but if the crown is back to Asia, it will just be great. 🙂

  2. for now. Both gaz and paween are almost equal in different ways.
    Paween ?


    Gaz is more ready
    Paween is just okay


    Comm skills



    Both are a threats pero May 6 months pa. But the stronger feeling goes to thailand.
    nasa muo and judges na yan. I hope may past queens na mag comment sa kanya and maging judges then and magkaron ng thai judges so if she wins. Cooking show parang kay cat lang. sinasabhan na cooking show ang kay cat kahit d naman. Love pa naman ng indo si fahsai. Just kidding. Hihi. Pero nakakatuwa kung ang top 3 is all asian. Thailand. Philippines and Indonesia. Neighboors ang tatlong yan at may mga fans na nagaaway away. Kaloka if yan mangyari 😆 but if yan mangyari i hope the war in pageantry fans between these 3 countries will end. Nakakaproud pa din since 3 asian.

  3. Our local pageant directors, set designers and production people have a lot to learn from the Thais when it comes to putting on a good show. This production was waaaaay miles better in terms of concept and design! Even their camera work and angles is superior! Walang low angled shots that are so unflattering to the candidates.

    • I like the BP version
      The Thai show looked like a miniature MU

    • ano bang concept and design cnsabi mo eh kinopya lang nman ng TPN ang concept and design ng MUO…kaya ng pinoy production team yan…it’s just a matter of resources. Kung malaki budget eh di bongga syempre

  4. This will the 3rd MU crown for Thailand.

    I love her since Miss Earth days.

  5. My Favorita’s! Strong Beauty Ms Universe 2019!
    Runner ups & Top 1-5

    1. Philippines
    2. Brazil
    3. Thailand
    4. Puerto Rico
    5. Colombia
    6. USA
    7. Vietnam
    8. Albania
    9. Venezuela – Waiting
    10. Malaysia
    Dark Horse : Indonesia

  6. her loss was heartbreaking at ME
    i am glad she’s giving it another go.
    hope she does well
    you can tell she has a kind soul

  7. I guess she tried to copy everything from MU 2018 – EG walk from Costa Rica , the swimsuit walk from Venezuela, and the gown/the pose/ the turn and stare from Cat ……among other things. I hope they will train her to be original


    • ha!
      it’s kind of a great strategy pick and choose
      for now and she’ll probably stick to one unified style
      by MU time

    • I hope she create her own branding! she lovely, one of my favorties during ME. I hope she will not mess up again her interview during the prelim or finals. I hope the first runner join again, her 1st runner up is so confident!

  8. Possible TOP 15:

    Puerto Rico
    South Africa?

    • I would replace Venezuela with Mexico, there doesn’t seem to be any standout candidates in Vene this year.

  9. she has a pleasant beauty and with her English communication skills she can definitely easily each he top 5. However I would love to see an African queen win this year,

  10. Pretty and has a huge fan base.
    She’ll easily land in the top 5.
    It’s all up to her Q&A skills kung maka final 3 siya and then win the crown if her nerves don’t affect her performance sa final Q&A.

  11. Fave ko si fahsai syempre gusto ko sya mag tough 5 sa mu 2019 w gaz ang akin reyna
    May kanya kanya naman silang strength
    Mababait mga thailander Kaya wala ikakasaya ko pagtagumpay ng kapwa asyano

  12. Fahsai already has a fan based because of her stint at Miss Earth which amplify her current status.

    She’s very beautiful but her QnA skill is still template dependent.

    Gazini still has an edge. Gazini already has a foundation regarding pertinent issues, only her thought organization which needs fine tuning!

    Nevertheless, isn’t amazing that in one way or the other some of this front runners were previously defeated by a Filipina,

    Julia Horta defeated by Jannie Alipo-on
    Madison Anderson defeated by Nicole Cordovez

    Balik ba tayo sa 2015?

    Monica Radulovic crossover from Miss Tourism
    Mariana Jimenez’ crossover from MGI

    I like Fahsai but as the saying goes, “Blood is sticker than water.”

    • Ang yabang!!!! Be humble. Otherwise, we will be humbled in the years to come.

    • So “sticker” now is the comparative form of “stick?” You’re kidding, aren’t you?

  13. I was glad to see all-female panel of judges in MUT 2019. The BbP judging panel was dominated by men. That’s how we ended up with Gaz as our MUP rep.

    • Got curious too. Madam SMA seems to frequently field a male dominated panel. I cant remember a Bbp that is women dominated. Although di na masyado mag matter kasi judges are only to give madam the Top 7 then cya na magassign ng crows.

  14. We’ll see this girl in the MU finals come December. We had seen her in ME years ago and so many rooted for her but in the end the expectations of many were not met by this girl. MU is any candidate’s game…you could be okay on your national finals but you might be overshadowed by some one else in MU stage just like what happened to MUT 2017 Maria Ehren. I’m still rooting for Gazini…no matter what! 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

    • Please. Just because this girl does not know the word millenial eh we will discredit his whole merit. Duh. Millenial is not a popular word in non-English speaking countries. Wag kayong ano. Mas lamang siya kay Gazini. Unless we admit that, di natin malalampasan si Fahsai sa MU. Recognize muna that there is a problem. Ewan ko sa inyo. Mga blind nationalists ala DDS. Pwe!!!!!

      • This is true. The millenial term is not globally used on a regular basis like in the phil. Fahsai’s qanda in her local pageant was superior than gazini’s, wag in denial.

      • Q&A, yes. Swimsuit and evening gown, kayang kaya sya ilampaso ni Gazini.

      • ano ba kinalamang nya ? yung pagiging ingglisera nya ? at panung hindi nya alam ang word na millenial eh galf Canadian sya. she grew up and studied there…ang sabihin mo hindi lang tlga sya aware sa kung ano ang mga issues at nag mamatter ngaun sa mundo…diba nga ME 2017 paulit ulit lang mga hanash nya…memorized lang mga sagot nya

  15. Her face is like a combination of Zuleyka’s, Kiara Ortega’s, Ms. PR 2005’s, and Pia Guanio’s. She’ll definitely stand out come MU2019.

  16. Paweensuda is deserving as MUT 2019. She aced both the swimsuit and evening gown rounds, plus she wowed the audience with her communication skills. She hypothetically removed the roof off when Thai fans screamed the moment she closed her answer. For Thai people, Paweensuda is their answer to the long-drought they are suffering in Miss Universe. They have longed for a rep who is good at English (notwithstanding Paweensuda’s grammar lapses, keri na) and can deliver an answer very well on stage. For them, Paweensuda is a total package.

    This makes Gazini’s journey to Miss Universe a little bumpy. This is notwithstanding the fact that Gazini is a lot more facially universally appealing than Paweensuda.

    I trust that Gazini can work doubly hard on every aspect of the competition. It means she needs to prepare for a more va-va-voom body and the hurdles of QnA. Otherwise, she’d end up a semi-finalist, and our back-to-back wish will be a nil.

    That’s all.

  17. I just wish in the future magkaroon ang Miss universe edition ng classic production kung saan ibabalik uli nila yung mga dating production nila like yung sa opening ay naka national costume sila at bawat isa ay introducing herself na may preliminary scores na na nakikita on screen, then during sa swimsuit and evening giwn ng mga semifinalists magpla flash din sa screen yung scores nila then sa evening giwn may mga bata na kakanta at magbibigay ng flower sa mga semifinalists. Gone are the days wala lang na miss ko lang siya pero kung gagawin uli yun at least isang edition lang for sure marami ang magiging excited.

    • maybe they can do it during the 70th Miss Universe pageant… I like the Bob Barker format show … truly classic and worth the reminiscing … !!!

  18. The 1st Runner Up looks like Ms. Thailand Universe 2016 + 2017 combined if you guys look closely…..she has the facial features of 2016, and styling of Ms. Thailand 2017 (Maria)…..just my observation though after seeing the footage.

      • does it matter. there’s something in her that the judges saw and placed her high enough. Even that Patraporn Wang girl has the small typical filipino flat nose and yet she placed 2nd runner up???

      • Top 5 lang po si Patraporn. Bago kumuda, get your facts straight. Wag fake news ala Sass, Nieto and Mocha.

      • Yes , Ver , it’s a beauty contest
        Nose is a central part of your face .

  19. Though i want Gazini to win Miss Universe 2019 but i dont think IMG will give it again sa Philippines if ever 3 crowns na within 5years under IMG, i dont think they will allow it considering na madaming deserving ngayon pa lang na maging Miss Universe. Kahit top 5 lang ok or even pumasok lang sa top 15 para 10year consecutive na pasok sa semifinals . Considering na a lot of people are in doubt sa communication with substance si Gazini kaya we cannot say na total package siya. Kung manalo si Thailand mas ok at least from south east asia pa rin and naging maganda ang pagtanngap nila kay Catriona last year. Kaya kung hindi palarin si Gazini I will be rooting for Thailand. Magandang laban na naman eto for Asians and Latina.

    • Latinas do not know fair play. Nakakainis talaga sila. Di marunong tumanggap ng pagkatalo. Akala nila sila lang maganda. They continuously ignore inviting Cat. Mexico, Panama and now Ecuador. But oh well. #BitterLatinas

      • Its not that Cat is being ignored , its still a business enterprise whether you like Cat or not. Inviting an MU winner as popular as Cat spells media mileage and hype. These countries know she is universally popular. Just look at Puteri, Thailand and the hype over Paween as she being a close friend of Cat’s. You see their faces all over pageant pages. Its just that the fee for these appearances are over the top. This is what I heard from several insiders of National Directors. Also, IMG/MUO is now re-directing itself on Asia and Europe to solidify their hold.

      • @ Jane Europe? Really? Hhhmmm… Interesting. Smells like Latinos are trying to leverage but MUO is not falling for it… using Europe…. hidden/new interests and maneuvers from across the Atlantic.

  20. This is expected. Congrats to her.

    I wonder if they will send Miriam to Miss Earth for international pageant exposure.

    • Please don’t send Miriam to Miss Earth, just reserve her for next year. Bababuyin lang siya doon sa Mess Earth just what they did to Fashai

      • panung binaboy ? alangan panalunin nila Fahsai eh nagkalat nga sa Q&A…mag isip k nga

  21. I personally think that the next miss universe will come from latin america. They are just so strong this year with brazil colombia and puerto rico showing real promise. Plus the last winner was from asia so i doubt they would give it back to our region. Facially thailand is also beautiful but i think gazini has a fighting chance in terms of beauty. While thailand is sweet and demure, gazini is sexy and fierce. In terms of performance, gazini has an edge over thailand. She knows how to project aura. I think the only edge thailand has over gazini is comm skills and interviews which is also different from q&a. Thailand i also think is shakey when it comes to q&a just like gazini. She also gets nervous when on stage and she lacks depth. So q&a for me is still up fr grabs between the two. It would really depend of the question asked to see if their answer is good or not.

  22. Bakit andaming bitter dito? Direct your attention to our own Gazini. Admit it, mas mahirap i-improve ang candidate natin kaysa kay Paween. And please, kaaway natin are the Indogs. Wag na dagdagan. The Thais have been gracious hosts. STFU na.

  23. She is not as stunning as Brazil, Albania, or Gazini…
    Her walk is also subpar… Her only edge is her facility of the English language but even if so she lacks depth.. Yes, they may train her to improve her pasarela but I don’t think they could force some depth and worldliness in her in the next few months… If she does reach the top 5 and be asked w/ a political question… I predict that she would fail miserably and won’t be able to justify if she is crowned this year’s queen no matter how much her country is favored by the MU org.

    • Just like Cat, she will rise above your bashings. Hahahahaha. Pwe!

    • @c2f if she fails miserably then Gaz doesn’t have ant chance at all. This lady is better than Gaz in all aspects.

      • I totaly agree with you… but based on the Swimsuit and Eveninggown competition… I have to admit, Gazini can slay anyone… I have a feeling Gazini will have the same treatment as Irene Esser…. she will always be asked 1st, the question would be something controversial and social related and Chi hairstylists would put a lot of hairspray on her in between takes to numb her brain before her turn just to make sure that she would only land 2nd runner-up.

  24. WOW, congrats….for some odd reason, CAT and Drouin could be sisters….there’s some resemblance facial similarity 🙂

  25. WOW! Miss Universe Thailand 2019 will be in my list for one of the finalists in Miss Universe 2019. Let us accept the reality, IMG will reciprocate the kindness and overwhelming support of Thailand for hosting Miss Universe 2018 pageant. Like what the Singson’s did they shell out huge amount of money and see the results. Coincidence I don’t know. I am positive that Thailand team will do their best that their beautiful and smart representative will going home with the crown.

  26. Imagine if Hannah Arnold was our representative this year. She will surely give Fahsai a run for her money. Same stature and beauty pero mas angat si Hannah. Public speaking skills same lang and Hannah pwede matrain. STILL Team Gazini ako. I want our girl to place higher than our “neighbors” and latin countries na our biggest bashers, pero can’t deny na Fahsai could be IMG chosen one. Madam Paula and Shawn have been in Bangkok for a few weeks now. Wonder what they’re doing there with TPN.

  27. I will say it now Fahsai is Miss Universe 2019, first b2b Asian❤️

    • She better learn how to talk with confidence first
      Coyness has no place at MU
      But I think she will be an easy top 5 … if she’s properly styled

  28. may nanalo na ng miss U 2019…grabe ang ganda at lakas ng dating nya..

    • what is her advocacy ? … does she have one or is she just a pretty face which does not look that pretty without make up and styling, very plain looking girl…

      Cat and Gaz, even without make up and styling , look beautiful and both have good advocacy , platforms which they can speak of with sincerity

      • oh just shut it will you!!! lol….your are so full of bullcrap….let her be and represent Thailand dOES IT matter what advocacy she has, or even without one….if she ever wins, she’ll be the ambassador for the MU organization…duh….then she’ll be performing whatever tasks MU has for her.

      • Ang yabang!!!! Be humble. Otherwise, we will be humbled in the years to come.

  29. So, for the Asia Africa group, we have two now in the group of 5 : Philippines & Thailand. Who can fill in the other 3 spots…? I don’t want Gaz to be relegated to the wild card

  30. Paween looked older after her Miss Earth stint. Her performance is subpar. Nothing special. She just got lucky in the Q&A. People think that she’s eloquent of course she speaks english. She was raised in canada. There’s just no one else in this batch that is Miss Universe ready.

  31. Kamaporn was the prettiest, but the winner was more experienced and prepared.

    • That’s exactly what i said!!!! lol….she has some resemblance, perhaps, she could be mistaken for her younger sister (or twin sister?) lol 🙂

  32. Miriam looked like an angel . Grabe Ang aura, great gown too. But happy Fasai won. She has that exotic but western beauty

  33. She’s the one to beat – articulate, eloquent, confident and pretty. I like Gazini, but I think Paweensuda is in it to win it. Even Cat was happy to see her win based on her reaction.

    • If only she’s the rep of our country for this year or at least with the same caliber as her, then a B2B is not impossible to achieve.

      • Albania , she may be the one … a sure win in the Europe group

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