7 comments on “Angie Mead King on TWBA

  1. Joey is beautiful. I just wished she had kids. They would be beautiful

    • Ssdly the young man can boast about this and his buddies will laugh and joke in affirming his “manhood.” Unfortunately, the young woman cannot and will experience ridicule and be forever stigmatized by her classmates. What was she thinking?

      She got caught getting pounded with her legs spread, in the air and in a public venue for heaven’s sakes.

      How embarrassing and humiliating for her. Hopefully her mother and father do not see this.

      Good heavens!

    • This is embarrassing! That poor young lady will be stigmatized and ridiculed while sadly the young men will be heralded a hero.

      She embarrassed her family forever…sad!

    • Why did you stop them?
      You should have just videotaped them and post it in YouTube or Facebook.
      Then they’ll get their 15 minutes of fame.

  2. Will she represent us at Miss International Queen once she has fully transitioned?

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