11 comments on “Where to next, Hannah Arnold?

  1. She should mature first. All I can remember from her is a fascination with teleserye and Justin Bieber.

    Maybe aral muna. She’s so gorgeous. Who knows, maybe the distance from Cat’s reign might be in her favor.

  2. Akala ko din sure ball winner si Hannah as mip that night. Maganda matangkad kind heart ninerbyos. I hope she joins mwp this year malamang sure crown sya dun

  3. She needs a better mentor. Ang pangit talaga ng styling niya sa Bb finals, pangit hairstyle, walang kalatoy latoy, pangit ang gown pati color, di tlaga siya nag stand out. Before gazini came into the limelight akala ko si Hanna na ang runaway winner ng MUP2019. may mentor ba siya? O, nag sariling sikap?

    • I agree.. ampangit ng gown… ang dark.. hindi tuloy masyadong kita… tsk tsk

  4. Yes..SHE SHOULD COME BACK, PLEASE… Learn from the lessons you got frm this experience. Failure is not the opposite of success but It’s part of it. Join again, learn from it, do it better, do it right the next time.😉

  5. She should join a camp The sisterhood will help her a lot in the same manner that a sorority at med or law school provides sample exams and other help to members
    With the name recall and the experience , she will be among the top winners granted she does not butcher the Q&A.

  6. If her dream is to become a beauty queen, she could fulfill it without crossing the border…by joining Ms. Australia-Universe next year. Who knows, what she has learned from the Phils. might be the effective tools for the judges to award her MU-Aus. crown next year!

  7. I think she wants it so much that she’ll definitely join again next year. She did mention in a Youtube video I saw (a mini lie detector challenge video) where she was asked IF she would join again in case she this year won’t go in her favor, and she said yes she’ll join again. Of course, it was a spur of the moment answer but it only showed she really won’t back down so easily.

  8. Off topic…

    Miss England pageant now has a “make-up free” round judging the contestants on their natural beauty since many use botox and filter to present themselves these days.

    Hmmm…it would definitely be a game changer for some beauties.

    Love the natural look beauties…BUT, some ladies need enhancers and make up.

    The old saying goes; If the house needs painting then PAINT IT! lol

  9. I think should try again Bb next year … together w/ Jessarie, Jessica, April, Isabela, Ilene, Julia, Lacap

    Of course Sam B and Aya if still possible… or even maybe Teresita Sen:-) if possible still

  10. Experiencing the agony of defeat are seeds toward golden lessons to future successful endeavors.
    Hanah is a perfect fit for Miss World Philippines…and perhaps a second MW crown.

    All the best Hanah!

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