7 comments on “The Miss Universe Thailand 2019 Preliminaries

  1. Majority looks ok cheap
    They look like they are auditioning for a porn film
    Ibang iba ang dating ng mga Binibinis

  2. 60 girls and these are all they got?!
    I have seen prettier dragqueens.
    Its seems like Chalita is the most facialy attractive Ms. Thailand Universe in the last decade.

      • Chalita also had a good presentation it just happens that English is not her 1st language…meanwhile Maria does not have Chalita’s curves and although she had the facility of the language, she still did not nail the Q&A.

      • It’s just the way Maria walks
        And her face just brightens the whole stage

  3. THIS, empowered beki’s & b_lats of Filipens, is the FUTURE of MUP! A GRAND-SLICK production impossible under BPCI without entailing HUGE costs and not getting the eye of the BIR, and the limited capabilities of the Post-War (SMART) Araneta Coliseum.

    Mr. Tinio, we know your influence extends beyond these 7k+ islands! Please do EVERYTHING in your werpa to convince TPN to AGGRESIVELY acquire at least the 2019 franchises for the following brands and to effect the following Result.

    2nd RU – Boonsang, MT-Globe (Deliart Association, up against Leren) – Khanomporn, MT-United Continents (same as the one JDV has for Jewel of the Philippines) – Weerada, MT-Intercontinental (up against Emma) – Nareumon Sittiwang, MT-Earth (YAASSS!) – Wang, 1st RU – Kim, & MUT – Fahsai.

    BILISAN MO. Bukas na Finals.

    You can do it. Ikaw pa. Khap khun khop.

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