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  1. Beautiful, classy, eloquent, smart — she”s got the goods! Patch should”ve been MUP!!!

  2. Our back to back quest for MU crown is ALREADY SEALED and CERTAINLY UNSTOPPABLE should we have Gazzini’s timeless beauty and Patch’s intellectual prowess molded into one. Goodluck to these 2 gorgeous girls. I wish their respective journey in the international pageant arena will be a big success.

  3. Come to think of it: Gazini’s advocacy on care for the elderly will be very interesting in Japan which is seriously facing the worrisome challenges of an aging population. Patch’s advocacy on prisoners’ rights is timely in the USA which just recently passed bipartisan legislation to reform the criminal justice system.

    • But based on beauty Miss International org prefers Vicky Rushton or Emma Tiglao… Vicky failed the Q&A while Emma may not be able to nail her speech.. hence Patch is destined for the MI.

    • Scorg, the judges don’t look at pageant contestants like that . They only have 2 minutes per candidate . They look at the face the body And how they carry themselves in gown and swimsuit .. then listen to how they talk period .
      That’s why hairdressers struggling chefs singers and actors win over doctors lawyers and astronauts .
      MU is open to all women from all walks of life provided the girl is a HS graduate ( I think) with A Good moral character .

    • And pls tell me what Bea Melanie Lara and Kylie have anything amazing in terms of academic and social accomplishments
      It’s the likability factor . If they don’t like you , you will not win no matter how u try.

    • Pwede pa naman sila iswitch.

      Kabado ako kay Gaz sa MU. Parang di sya mapapansin. Maraming mas maganda, mas sexy, may pleasing personality at certainly mas matalino, maganda at may laban. I’m afraid her only ace is sash factor.

  4. the next MI from Pinas ! ( we can have both MU and MI ) (we can have all 6 crowns !)

  5. Her physical beauty and intellectual ability are MU caliber. Just a little bit of polishing is needed to present her well in MU stage. Kasi sa MI (pati na rin sa MW) a well prepared speech is required (can prepared by anyone and given to candidate to memorize). Sa ME naman ay focus sa environment and mother Earth ang q&a which is very narrow and easily answered. Sa MGI, about war and peace ang tema at tlimited din ang question na parang ME Lang. Unlike in MU, it’s impromptu answer (from any type of questions) that scales the ability of the candidate which I believe that Patch can easily ace it without a single doubt. Oh Patch sayang talaga ang molde mo na pang MU Sana…tsk tsk tsk!

  6. Bongga c inday Brenda Mage😆
    Patch is also a very good MUP representative.
    Patch is a possible MI2019 winner☺
    Good Luck😄

  7. I hate Boy . He is full of it
    As for Patch , the hairstyle looks better in still pics
    She’s such a humble well-spoken girl. Her voice sounds really beautiful. I just hope that her team will make her facial features softer and more feminine

  8. Is it that cold in the studio? Abunda’s costume is detracting from and competing with his guest’s appearance.

    • Sure looks like it DanDan.
      He is dressed a little over the top…
      It is as if it is snowing outside in Manila…in June! 😊

  9. Patch is such a class act…Getting more beautiful!

    “Everything happens for a purpose..” Yes, indeed!

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