6 comments on “Miss Universe 2018 to judge Miss Universe Thailand 2019

  1. This kinda feels weird. She’s a close friend of one of the contestants (Paweensuda). Im sure she’s capable of judging fairly. But as How to Get Away with Murder has taught, even the appearance of bias can diminish the credibility of the decision making. I love Paween. She’s already being accused as a Catriona copycat. And if Cat , her close friend, will sit as a judge as well, bashers would surely have a field day bashing Paween if ever she wins it all

  2. Who will she pick among 60 girls?!
    Noone seems to be crowworthy this year…
    They are all mehhhhhh….. even the so called frontrunners.

    • C2f they only need one great winner . It doesn’t matter if everyone else is trash .

      • That is the problem… I don’t see a great winner among those 60 girls.

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