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  1. Hindi ko feel this retro Patch. Ang kapal ng make up. So antiquated. Ito ba hanap ng Miss International? Conservative look but stepping backwards.

    Hindi ko bet

    • dami namang reklamo!!! Nung laging pafierce modern sleek straight hair and styling si Patch binabash na ay hindi versatile/hindi maganda pag iba ayos/flat anf face kaya di nagpupusod. Ngayong nag eexperiment sila with her diff styling ang dami pa ring kuda!! kalma ka lang, hindi pa naman bukas ang MI, ilang buwan pa jusko

  2. Oh my. Gaz for MU. Patch for MI. Im so excited for these ladies 🙂

  3. kudos to albert kurniawan for the transformation..the conscious effort to mould patch into the MI classic prototype is obvious . .howver, mr. alberts talent is not enuf to produce magical results. .nagmukhang nadine lustre or ariana grande.hihi. #tukog

  4. Palaisipan ‘yung binanggit na dalawa pa’ng gusto ng MIO aside from Vickie…

    I now have a hunch who they are. And one, stronger than the other.

    I also think Attorney Magtanong isn’t one of them.


    Anyway, PREPARE (3x)! Patitay needs to IMPRESS BIG-TIME. I expect she reach the Speech Round at the very least. At kung totoo nga’ng this year’s winner will serve rapporteur duties for the 2020 Games, then a training module for this might come in handy, specifically Japan’s performance history so she can use it as a conversation topic and establish rapport with the host.

    • Sa tingin ko si Patch yung isa sa napusuan ng MIO.

      Dahil kung si Gazini yun, malamang binigay na sa kanya ang MIP.

      Pinili ni Tito Norms si Vickie dahil si Patch ang MUP nya.

      At sa tingin ko din ay hindi si Hanna yung isa. Dahil kung si Hannah nga yun, dapat sya na ang pinili ni Tito Norms over Vickie.

      To summarize
      1. Patch
      2. Vickie
      3. Kung sino man sya

      • Tingin ko si Hannah. I thunk the logic is bata pa si Hannah, she can join again whilst Vickie cannot anymore.

  5. Kahit pa siguro gaano kagaling ni Gazini pero parang feeling ko ayaw siyang panalunin or wala pa sigurong mananalong pinay na Miss U in the next 10 years. Why? Kasi, lahat na lang ng bansa galit na sa atin sa achievements natin. Selos na selos sila. Parang nagka kunchaba silang lahat na wag imbitahin sa Cat sa bansa nila. Lagi na lang nating ipag tanggol si Cat pero totoo din naman na wala siyang imbitasyon. Ganon ba kalaki ang selos nila sa atin? By way of saying, mahina tayo sa market kasi walang imbitasyon, meaning walang extra income, mahal din kaya appearance fee ng MU.

    For Patch, galingan lang niya make up niya may chansa siyang manalo dahil magaling naman kaya siya sa speech. Sana hindi maging katulad ni Janicel na ang speech ay para sa sarili niya. Dapat it’s about the MI brand kung ano ang maitutulong niya.

    • Palaisipan ko din kung bakit till now wala pa siya gaanong travel.. Cat is marketable naman, i mean, she’s one amazing Miss Universe. pero.. bakit nga ba wala pa ? wala bang invite or puno ang sched niya sa US? hmm Mariem was invited in Panama. last time it was Pia. so mukha ngang puno ang sched ni Cat. tingin nio?

      • si Cat marketable pero bansa natin hindi dahil puno sila ng inggit. Mahal nga siguro talaga ang appearance fee singil ng MUO ngayon at mas gusto pa nila sa US sumikat ang MU para sa tv ratings. Or, talagang ayaw lang nila sa atin. matatapos na lang reign ni cat naka 4 na bansa pa lang siya. I really dont care kung imbitahin siya o hindi pero sana lang no na hindi tayo gawing flower girls ng MUO at ayaw ng ibigay sa atin ang corona kasi maraming magagalit at walang mag iinbita ng reigning MU.

  6. The Miss International pageant, where BPCI thrust a beautiful young achiever lawyer and social advocate Patch to compete, aims “to promote world peace, goodwill, and understanding”. The winner in this pageant is expected to project tenderness, intelligence, benevolence, friendship, beauty, ability to take action, and international sensibility. Does Patch radiate these qualities? 110%! While “world peace and understanding” may be a trite slogan nowadays, Patch’s sterling credentials may be the one that will give this archaic mantra a fresh, exciting and proactive dimension. More than ever, today’s world faces an existential threat from political, economic and social terrorism, let alone the dangers of technology- exacerbated climate change. It takes a charismatic persona to give new meaning to the MI message and spur excitement, vigor, and relevance to the MI platform. Patch is that beauty.

  7. Mr. Tinio, I now remember you also made a post on Ahtisa’s, also by Kurniawan.

    Could you now do a “mano y mano”, puhleeeze?! 🙂

    I even joked then that the CUTE Indonesian make-up artist have plenty of babies with B(leep!). LOL.

  8. i like how those eyes are really big
    something japs do with anime

  9. I think this is her best look so far. i was kinda disappointed that she only sported the Ariella Arida hair all through out the Binibini days. I mean, yeah, mostly. akala ko naman may pasabog na look or styling during BBP night. but anyways, i think her team should now study and experiment different looks that suit her beauty.. she can’t always sport just one look.

    with the kind of beauty that Mi is looking for, do you think she can be our 7th? honest question lang…

  10. She should have been styled this way during pageant night, she could have snatched the crown from Gazini

    • We’ve got the same thought. But for me, she should have been assigned as MUP. But who knows, MI crown is destined to her head. How I wish and pray

    • This is exactly what came to mind when I first saw the post. I wonder why they didn’t explore this look during BBP.

      • Maybe her team resented or had something like the feeling of “panghihinayang” of why they didn’t reinvent her look. From day 1 till finals, she just presented herself monotonously, meaning repetitive and lacking variety. No problem if just sported Ariela Arida look in her everyday BBP presentations/activities but at the finals, her team should have applied innovative ideas to highlight more her physical goddess look.

  11. Her best look. She should have been styled like this from the get go.

  12. Drop. Dead. Gorgeous.

    She looks like a modern mannequin stuck in the 70’s glam look. This is the type of Patch’s glam headshot I was looking for during her Binibini days. Perhaps, her glam team had purposely hoarded Patch’s best glam shots to avoid overexposure. For me, that did not work on Patch’s favor. Anyway, BbP pageant is over, and we should be content on her BbP-International achievement.

    While I have in mind that Patch is not fit the MI mould, I still have high hopes that she can do her best in the Japan-based pageant. Let’s see how she can charm the Japs out.

    That’s all.

    • Me thinks Pa7ch will surprise us together with Sam Lo and Leren. And after watching Gazini’s interview with Boy Abunda, I’m loving her personality. Chance at top 5 or even the crown is getting higher in my perspective.
      And Ph will also win MW this year.

      • Yes, Sam Lo and Leren Mae are sure win. Patch can win also, provided she all got the bearing MI is looking for a girl.

        Hoping that Vickie would consider MWP.

  13. Wow she looks like a prettier version of Aurora Pijuan and Lara Quigaman combined!!! She could beat Indonesia, Mexico or any girl to a pulp with this look.
    Slay slay slay!!! Hehehe

    • Ang ganda ni patch here please baka mag welga mga kamaganak ni aurora pijuan at lara.
      Aurora was a raving beauty

  14. Wow…so beautiful! Eto dapat ang topic sa “For your discussion”, at hindi yung Ms. Mexico. Patch is so lovely, brainy and sexy queen which in my humble opinion more suitable sa MU. Kabog sa MU ang style at magugulat ang lahat sa versatility ng beauty nya. Kaya lang BBP had already made its final decision to land her in MI. Anyways, 100% support pa rin sa kanya no matter what (kahit di ako fan ng MI pageant dahil napaka-boring) on her long yet sure journey to MI crown. 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  15. ❤♥️❤
    Love Patch’s new “do.”

    I always loved Patch since the start BUT I was never a fan of the straight-hair parted in the middle “do” on her. Even from the days of Ari Arieda I was not a fan. No BbP titlist should not even resemble Cher or Morticia Addams.

    This style suits her more than super fine!

    Get em’ Patch!

  16. Puede naman palang nakapusod sya
    Ang Linis tingnan
    I really like the new style

    • @ nope Nope. No need for worries.

      RJ Ignacio concurs. Make-up-wise, this is as far as she goes.

      So for MI, it would certainly be toned down.

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