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  1. What’s with Tita Gazini’s lower lip?
    Did she just get bit by a spider, bee or bit her own (lower) lip?

    • Hay, what is up with a question like this? Could be lip fillers, could be natural, but she looks gorgeous nonetheless.

  2. Anybody following the miss universe drama on instagram? Seems like the pageant community hates us.

    • Of course they do…. because of all the blind Filipino fanatics.

      • What’s with Tita Gazini’s lower lip?
        Did she just get bit by a spider, bee or bit her own (lower) lip?

      • @Piolo Milby

        I dont care…
        I more stirred w/ her plans for the national costume.

    • Damn, I feel bad for Cat though. I think she’s got the makings to be an amazing miss universe but instead she’d be remembered as the miss uverse who never got invited anywhere. It truly breaks my heart.

      PS: honestly i don’t think that ‘blind filipino fanatics’ had anything to do with her not being anywhere.

      • @ Newbie This is MORE than just a steep booking fee or the collective agenda of envious fans.

        IT IS THE DUTY OF BOTH MUP-BPCI AND WME-IMG TO ENSURE HER VISIBILITY, as needed. Gumastos sila, kung kinakailangan!

        They have a great brand – Catriona Elisa Magnayon Gray – in their hands. Did they simply assume they can just grow their _sses and wait for her to lay golden eggs?!

      • @Flor, it’s really sad. catriona is a one of a kind beauty queen pa naman in a sense that she genuinely cares for her charity. you’re right, i hope they do something about this. nakakahiya na nakakainis na nakakafrustrate.

  3. She has NICE arms.

    You know who else have nice arms? GT & CK.

    Ako, basta huwag pipiyok ang voces at tigilan ang “‘like” at “coz”, OK na as far as speech is concerned. Sanayan lang ‘yan at be mindful. That LOW voce is SULTRY. Modulate always, ‘Day.

    I want her body to BANG like Sophida, Rachel, or Keysi. And the TINY waist of Venus with the fluidity of Evelina Papantoniou sans the robotic air.

    Keep it up, JazzyGaz! 🙂

    • Gazini’s voice grates on me
      I find it pretentious
      If I didn’t know she was a good-hearted girl, I would hate her big time .
      Why pretentious? It’s because she tries to make it sound like she’s more fluent in English than she actually is

      • Gosh, you’re comments are always so negative. You must be a blast to hang out with.

    • Wow…that’s a little tacky for abunda to even ask that question or instigate her to take her make up off. In fairness, she said pretty without it!

    • Original…well researched and thought out…and it is just the beginning. Compelling enough ang kanyang advocacy!

      …maybe someday we can look forward to getting old. Such a message with impact.

      • Original ? Well researched ? Well thought out?
        To support a candidate is fine
        But to suck up to them is dangerous to say the least

      • Did you actually understand her ramblings?!..
        Even Filipinos would have a hard time translating that. 😀

  4. Confidence is building up. Way to go Gazini! Buhay na buhay ang back-to-back. Palaban si Inday eh. I love it!

  5. Gazini is right–she only needs to tone down her body. She needs to look slimmer, so she’d stand taller. My only issue on her body is her shoulders. They are not wide, the effect of which is she looks big-faceted! She can remedy them though by doing Miriam Quiambao’s pose most of the time. Or, she’d do gym routines that can widen her shoulders. She may also sport Ariela Arida’s famous center-split hairdo, giving her a small-face illusion.

    I find her total aura full of sensuality. She can take advantage of that while doing pasarela on stage, but she doesn’t have to overdo it. Otherwise, she’d look rubbish.

    As regards Gazini’s communication skills, I do not worry. The girl sounds like a native English speaker and comfortable with the vernacular. Her voice is also sexy and very feminine. I love it. With that said, I therefore trust her trainers that they can provide Gazini with exponential tips on how to quickly process and organize her thoughts, so she could utter words wittingly.

    Oh, I am now excited on her Miss Universe pageant journey.

    That’s all!

    • I’m more worried about her knowledge about Philippine History.

    • She is a Tourism Associate graduate, so she is presumed to have basic knowledge of the Philippine History. Maybe you are referring to her little knowledge about current social and political issues. Let us give full trust that, in a span of a short period of her preparations for MU, she may be able to enrich her knowledge about the goings on inside and outside the country.

      • Tourism course?! They barely even have humanities as minor subjects what more w/ Philippine history… I predict now that her top 5 question would be about Philippine history and geo-politics in relation to the rest of the world… I could possibly narrow it down further in the next few months but a year won’t even be enough for a crash-course…

      • Granting but without admitting that Philippine History is not a subject in her Tourism course, pero naman Sibika at Kultura, HEKASI, Araling Panlipunan, and Social Studies are taught from grade school to high school. Gazini could have possibly learned a thing or two about our history way back then. Don’t you think so?

      • Sorry Ana but I dont think so… PH history in gradeschool and highschool are so reduced and full of propaganda.. Ex. I found out about the real story of the Sto Niño de Cebu as an adult only a couple of years ago.. and I can’t even fathom that most Cebuanos actually believe upto this day that the virgin mary went down from the heavens to save the santo Niño made of wood from the burning temple…. Nobody even bothered to ask who burned the temple?!!! Was she really assumed into the heavens?!!.. Was she really a virgin?!!!… All these lies that our people believe in upto this day.. and they actually teach this bullshit at school!?!

      • And yet Gazini is planning to use this same bullshit as our national costume to represent our whole country at Miss Universe?!!!

  6. Did I hear that right?!! She will have the same theme for her National Costume?!!! The Santo Niño festival AKA the 1st time our natives were tricked by our colonizers through religion after burning the village and stealing our precious artifacts?!!! You gota be kidding me?!!!!

    • Brother, get a life. She is entitled to express her belief as much as you are.

      • So if her opinion is to dress up as an evil entity who condemns your sexual preferences to represent our whole nation, you’d aprove of it because it’s her opinion?! Please!?!

      • Eh ikaw, sa tingin mo maganda ka at ang mga kahalayang inaatupag mo sa mata ng simbahan?!!!

      • @Kadenanggolden

        Sabi nya same theme nung national custume nya sa BBP gawin nya sa MU…. FYI, santo niño festival theme nya… wala sya binangit na background about it kasi wala syang alam sa history nung costume nya. Hindi ba sya nagtaka at hindi sya kasama sa Top 10 best national costume?!!

    • That’s very superfluous of u to condemn the concept …when u pride yourself of being the only Catholic nation in Asia
      Whatever happened has already happened . Could it be the fault of the Spaniards or was it the natives’ passiveness that led to the 300+ Yrs of colonization ? Regardless , we should just learn from the past and move forward.

      • Yeah, sure! Let’s continue to celebrate how gullible our native ancestors were….

      • @Venus

        I ddnt say anything about rewriting history…
        My point is stop celebrating stupidity!

    • You can state your opinion alright, but blasphemy is big no. Be careful with your words, sa sobra pasikat mo sa comments mo, kung ano ano na nasasabi mo. Have you ever heard of the word “respect”?

      There is something bigger that you have just disrespected, bigger than just culture and tradition. I hope you have your senses back.

      • Yeah, we should all respect the biggest most successful business in the world…. The Catholic church! I’m sure they highly aprove of all the sodomy you have practiced your whole life. 🙂

    • whoa! uy you don’t mean that, right?

      pageants are just for us to discuss and enjoy as community. naging excessive ka just because of a discussion on national costume…

      • Pageants are suppose to be ground-breaking means to educate everyone not a promotion to perpetuate a celebration of ignorance and historical injustice.

      • promoting ignorance…the very knowledge you talk about has limitation and has a source…you don’t break the law…you break yourself from the law…

        i don’t fully agree with the Church but it was the authentic one being set up by JC. The works of the church is different than JC.

        Things and phenomena are beyond ourselves to explain because of a higher being.

        Just because want you want was not satisfied means that the other entity is bad.

        The commentators on this blog speak up because they are concerned. Other than that the consequences are up to you to face.

      • Opinion ko lang nman…perhaps,to make Gazini’s Advocacy wider and much more far reaching—-SANA,MA- INCLUDE NALANG DIN NYA SA ADVOCACY NYA ANG MGA SINGLE MOMS! OR SINGLE PARENTHOOD!.. kasi,Mom nya lang and her Grandparents ang nagpalaki sa kanya…with that,Mas lalawak at mas maraming makaka- Relate sa Advocacy ni Gazini!!..God knows gaano karami mga Singleparents nowadays!!—MAS MAY HUGOT AT KIROT YUNG ADVOCACY NYA PAG NAIDAGDAG YUN

      • @Renato

        Hate to break it to you but the biblical Jesus is a far stretch from the historical man he was based on if he did exist. Jesus was not even his real name.. and his birth and childhood are mear heresay and fabrication written down by religious fanatics… That is what the Santo Niño is based on…. rumors passed on through word of mouth. The image of the child Jesus was used by the Catholic conquistadors to convert us because they think it is an iconography that is easier for us to digest and they were right while demonizing our former religions.

    • I actually agree with you a bit on this c2f hihihi, she and her team should find something else to use as a theme for the natcos. Anyway, you didn’t have to antagonize Gazini over this though, what we should do is to let her and her team know the origins of this festival so they can change their minds and get inspiration somewhere else.

      • pwede naman ngang sabihin na iba ang preference bakit ba tinira ang idea. pero i would like to believe na nagulat rin si closer sa comments nya. passionate lang kagaya ng ibang badutch.

      • @Renato i think c2flop intentionally overreacted to try to stir a controversy but failed by sounding overly butthurt hihihi anyway may point naman ang hitad, we shouldn’t glorify a tragedy from our history.

      • @nope

        lol! pagkarinig sa name ng Patron ayun tumakbo sa kalye at nagtitili at humandusay…

        napraning ang sambayanan!

        ay nakuuu! ibalik sa training camp…. hindi pa pwede isabak sa pageant… hahahahah!

      • @Renato

        Are you describing how you react on a normal basis?!…
        Puhlease…. Your veneration for a piece of garbage is not even worth crying over. Seems like its both of you who are butthurt about this topic. 🙂

      • Close, it was an analogy.

        Look at how you really went to answer each post and the way the wrote in caps. And also, try to check the reactions of the thumbs down and replies to you. It was not literal and yet I took a lighthearted approach to it. My initial reaction was actually to check if you are really serious about what you said.

        Anyway, it is your call…

      • @Renato

        Backpedaling so early?! it only proves that you can’t justify your point.

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