8 comments on “Miss Philippines Earth 2019 Press Presentation

  1. Why did Chelsea Fernandez join ME instead of BP ?
    Is she too short ?
    She’s the only one so far that has caught my attention.

    • I guess her handler should be asked that question because I have questioned Chelsea about it but without a good explanation

  2. May ganito palang kaganapan. Dapat ang ibang local pageants natin nilalayo sa season ng binibining pilipinas ang patimpalak nila pra di natatabunan ng ganaps ng binibini. Aminin man o hinde, iba pa rin ang binibini.

    • @ Jonas Reyes BBP ang bumangga, po, sa MPE ngayon’g taon. Late na nag-start ang Screening. Ta’s, THREE months pa! Dati, wrap-up na after Holy Week. We all know why. Or, rather, who. 🙂

  3. Weakest batch ever. Expecting a non-placement for PHL this year.

  4. LOVE how the color of the “bansitot” reflected the color of the pool water. 🙂

    The grey weather was perfect! Under full garish afternoon sun, everything would have washed out.

    Kia Moreno of Naga City for me, for now. Her dusky complexion is the color of EARTH.

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