12 comments on “For your discussion: Miss Universe Mexico 2019 Sofia Aragon

  1. God another standout
    Can’t wait to see MU 2019
    There’s always 2-5 that stand out
    I wonder if Gazini will be one of them

    • Buti na lang si Gaz na nanalo or else, si Patch ay makakain ng buong buo 1000x nito.

  2. Beauty wise, pwede na but the best thing about her face is that she’s transformable so a big plus.

  3. Pretty… her masculine jaw reminds me of Keira Knightly.. great waist to hip ratio… facial projection on stage needs some work… She sounds eloquent in Spanish but I dont know about her English… I’m more threatened by their rep for international who looks like a a cross between Sierra Berchel and Natalie Glebova w/ hints of Dianara Torres… They are obviously aiming for Miss International this year not Miss Universe. I hope they are both dumb as a rock.

    Not worried cause Gazini is still more pretty and feminine than her. I know that Gazini can slay in almost all aspects of pageantry.. I understand that English is her 3rd language but I just hope that she improves w/ leaps and bounds when it comes to her Q& A skills… She better land at least 1st runner-up. As for Patricia, if Shamcey learned to slay on the runway in a year then so can Patricia… And based on her overall beauty and brains package.. Patricia could be the hands down winner.

    • Closer2Fame They crowned Mexicana Internacional dos mil vente. Lupita Jones appointed Andrea Toscano for this year. That’s why she is a Favorita Entrevista in not a few pageant fora (together with Jolene).

      True! Ang SE-SEXY nila, no? But my pick, la representante linda de Puebla, will go to Bolivia (RH).

      Btw, go watch Keira Knightly portray the young Coco Chanel in the Karl Lagerfeld short film, “Once Upon A Time”, on the Chanel YouTube canale. Watch Party kayo nina Blogger at Admin. 🙂

      • Oh yeah… Andrea Toscano nga pala.. but she’s no threat… yes she’s pretty… but she has too many negative publicity from her Miss Universe stint.. LOL

        Meanwhile, may pa press release agad si Sofia Aragon para kay Gazini.. cant w8 to meet each other daw and I hope you win daw…. Well we do have historic ties w/ Mexico and she can speak English well so pagbigyan.. hahaha…

  4. I don’t follow pageants quite closely before so I have to ask, had there ever been a candidate who was a published author? Because if not, then I am a fan. This girl might be USA’s equal when it comes to eloquence.

    • day meron na…may mga sumali na before sa MU na mga authors…lahat na ata nakasali na…killer at terrorist nalang hindi pa…yet we don’t know that…hihihi

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